Experience the Oculus first VR movies: a potential “toy”

cloud network hunting note: Oculus announced at the sundance film festival, to create the virtual reality version of the film, and has set up a Studio called “Story Studio”. This studio premiere at the festival is Lost. Want a first glimpse of virtual reality films, fast and see it.

Oculus company has set up a named Story Studio’s internal laboratory. The studio by creating and selling virtual reality film, aims to “education, motivation and training” a interested in virtual reality film community. This lab has launched its first virtual reality experience – Lost film, it aims to show filmmaker narrative potential of VR. Movie is about a huge robot arm in the forest to look for his body. It illustrates to us a truth: simple story can also be demonstrated in an immersion environment. Although the film is worth we admire, but it did not break the limitations of too much virtual reality.

story to display all the images in your eyes, the only one exception is a located in the top of the head. It is able to view the surrounding environment is limited, are not so strong interactivity. But it can change according to your head to switch scene, further enhance the authenticity, and make you feel totally immersed in a virtual world.

in addition to the Lost, Oculus headed by pixar animation studios executives Story Studio and five other works, including: Dear GUI/Angelica sinensis -dan GUI will put the audience in comic scenes, Bullfighter pull the audience’s point of view on a mad bull nose ring, Henry is to explore the more possibility of comedy and resonance in virtual reality, and it tells the Story of a hedgehog like balloons. As the external supervision of the Studio, one of the Bullfighter Alberto Mielgo, will also join the supervisory members of the Studio project.

a few days ago, when the Story in detail on the Studio creation Story, film producers also is not very understand the experience of how to build a virtual reality. Studio’s goal is to open up the narrative of VR, and film producers and the public share insights and experiences.

Lost has been at the sundance film festival (the world’s leading independent film festival, is designed for not famous filmmakers and film festival). In the end, the Lost will be introduced to the general user, but still need to wait until the end of this year’s first consumer version of the virtual wearing equipment Oculus Rift listed. It is understood that the equipment will be sold by the Oculus experience store.

this is the story of the Lost content (revealed serious plot) : you’re in a dark forest, a group of fireflies flying hover around you, the dappled moonlight under a full moon through the trees. In the function of the only interaction columns, you can do the head movement up and down or so, and at the same time the curious fireflies will closely follow you.

you have been deep in the forest, but the silence of the forest and let a person feel creepy. In what are you waiting for, when it happened, as many horror movies play may doubt behind something suddenly come out scary.

when a machine doodle started through the woods, so you can only assume that you are going to face a terrible robot. But, from the bushes out of a giant robot arm. Pacing back and forth until it to notice you, it will be smelling, carefully to find clues. When it is close to you, you will want to back in fear. And, because of its actions will be displayed in allowing a few feet movement track of Oculus Crescent bay, so you really can be mobile.

in the background of the screen, you can see a piece of flat land, this place is Lost most of the action happens.

once the machine arm found you, it will be before you stumbling to return to the land. Suddenly it will send a strong beeps and shook it that it can be connected to the robot wrist “tail”. Rumbling in the distance, you will hear, if you twist a head to see, you will see a huge robot standing on foot broken trees, clumsily across the forest.

when it is close to you, as a large number of destroyed by its branch, pieces of leaves will float down from the air. Once find it, the smiling face of the robot is to gather together, with a strange, machine rust for you send out the roar, is roughly “Herr rowww”. Then turned dark, over.

in order to ensure to master all the information, I glanced at the Lost three times back and forth. In the Story Studio producer Edward Saatchi (Edward? Saatchi’s behest, he made the final presentation. Because the Crescent Bay superb head tracking, in fact, you can get all the way, as to the forest floor, through the bushes and peep at plant. Edward Saatchi says: “for Lost the creation of the time we spent a few months. Then one day, we had received from Saschka (Story Studio creative director) E-mail – try sitting cross-legged. Soon, crawling around (that is, the waiting game) become the preferred way to Lost creator.

Saatchi explained, “we have clearly seen in virtual reality, a lot of things feel like an empty set, no character, just pure environment.” That’s why he thinks Lost is successful works, even if it does not use VR for each skill. “The most easy to forget things are often the most important things: we are just in the use of VR to tell stories.” Early film is also very simple. Lost images with rich, smooth, and fashion. It will certainly make film studios and directors believe that virtual reality experience has a potential value as big as Lost robot.

Lost only occasionally use intelligent ability to look around. Disappointingly, if you look away, you will find that there’s nothing else to look at. You have no way to change your point of view, also have no way to explore the environment around you. The fireflies to feedback your actions made was a nice touch, it will not fundamentally change the experience.

if you have a look at the end of the Lost, you will see this scene, in the forest in the moonlight, a giant robot jump shuttle back and forth.

if the Lost is the first film of virtual reality, have you ever seen so you must find it impressive side. Saatchi told me, “no one will remember the physical hardware, they will only remember they are making the connection; You are not in the hardware demo, you are a work of art.”

and Chris Milk (director Chris Milk is a creation Of interactive experience avant-garde artist) wonderful art compared to the Evolution Of Verse, it does not convey the VR possibilities on how to transfer to our brain.

Story Studio team, most of the VR content creators, for example, are also in the attempt. Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe (Brendan airy cloth) demonstrate a stone up, and publish the said this is just the “early”, “now just fur”, “we have a long way to go”. However, I also hope to see a 360 degree of the whole landscape and the use of more innovative in three dimensional space.

for first contact with the producers of virtual reality, they can gain some knowledge about the traditional rectangular boxes outside. But the machine arm or robot slipping out of the thicket of those scenes will be able to replace the traditional film.

“we tried shooting method, but we need to forget originally we know about movies of all, from the beginning,” said Unseld on Lost premiere conference, “this is not the IMAX enhanced version (3 d) sci-fi film. This is a completely different technology. “Well, then let’s show.

if the members of the Studio can prove that they are how to enhance the narrative, it will really lead the artists’ thoughts.