Experience: startups media smart power 40 million page views a month

when you finish work site code written and after launch, your company is ready to show the world the work, but no one came to attention.

maybe, your site will be in the first hour after online for the registration of several hundred people, it’s because you held a press conference and invite the media to celebrate the establishment of your company wrote a few articles. In the first month, you may contact more media to promote your company web site page views could reach 1 million times.

this hard? Of course it is very difficult. But you can still do it. You don’t need to hire a pr firm to help you achieve this goal, I had done it.

I made it myself after six years of pr work, for my website propaganda to nearly 1300 piece of propaganda. Recently, I just rely on the media campaign means let founded a start-up with 2 years later acquired by Google.

when I tell you how I do this before, I want you to remember one thing: no matter when you contact with the media, it is important to remember to offer them associated with journalists focus on something valuable content.

in a month let page views increased from zero to 40 million

when I just joined Polar, we are developing a cool share application point of view. After application approved by apple, we are faced with the problem, of course, is not the user.

 how to get a start-up 40 million page views

my original idea is to various surveys and real-time news together. Each real-time news should have in our survey, such doing can attract traffic for our survey, and let people download our application.

so I ask myself: how can I get in touch with journalists? Why do they respond to me and see my survey? These surveys are really valuable for journalists?

I think to find some real time news, try to do a survey, then please will investigate embedded article, make readers to comment on the article discussion.

before contact with journalists, you should ask yourself: why embedded reporters willing to put my research article?

then honestly answer this question: survey can get more readers to express their views and focus on the content of the reports.

this is I had to try and try to let the reporters to accept a hypothesis: our research can improve the readers of your reports by the participation of the article, you will get the 200 votes and 30 comments.

I did this when I was in contact reporter:

1, research, and why I should contact which reporters to contact their

in terms of my own experience, I choose to contact, of course, is to write what I focus on the author of news reports, so I went to Techmeme to consult their most famous journalist and writer. I picked out a report, to collect and make a list of all publications and related authors.

 how to get a start-up 40 million page views

2, email

my E-mail write very short. I need to show the valuable content and clearly express my request. My purpose is very simple, so I use the most direct way passed this information to reporters.

 how to get a start-up 40 million page views

the key is, I showed reporters a valuable content or give their articles added more valuable content. This writing articles have a direct relationship with them.

3, guess they E-mail address

most of the time, reporters the format of the email either jon@somepublication.com or jsmith@somepublication.com or jon.smith@somepublication.com. If these email address is correct, I usually use the following tools to check out their email address:





if these tools can’t find each other’s E-mail address, you can also access a named Email Format (E-mail Format) on a web site under the most DNS query E-mail Format. But you have to remember, careful with these services, don’t use these tools to get you can find every journalist’s E-mail address. Your purpose is only a few can find the value of your content relevant personage.

4, shots and track the mail reading

once I have the E-mail address and write email, this is the time to contact each other. I use a convenient and easy to use Gmail plug-in to YesWare tracking to see each other ever open my E-mail. This is very useful a tool, through which you can know whether journalists open your email, and then figure out whether you send out the title of the email correctly convey the value of the content.

I created a spreadsheet file, will I send the email status and related note information recorded.

using this information, you can modify the title of the email, constantly improve the probability of mail by reporters to open. Above email below as an example, the E-mail by reporters opened the probability of 50%.

it’s as simple as that. I clearly stated in the email survey to improve the value of reader engagement, relevance and timeliness, journalists almost needless to consider will insert my investigation into their writing articles.

after investigation was inserted into the news report is this:

 how to get a start-up 40 million page views

because these articles are real-time news reports, so the Polar after the article was published within a few hours to get a lot of traffic, and then as time goes on gradually decrease and eventually reduced to zero. My goal is to insert the survey as soon as possible after news reports published in.

we often use our research to improve the hot technology news hits.

remember Snapchat rebuffed Facebook’s $3 billion takeover bid? We at Mashable in a report by inserting a survey, a total of 38000 votes.

remember WhatsApp is to buy things? We insert a report on TechCrunch won the 60000 vote according to a survey.

when the iOS 7 is still in the development phase, we got the design of a series of new ICONS and new design, we will in the form of each screen iOS 6 and 7 compares the iOS. We finally won a vote of more than 100, ten thousand times, the result of the vote came as a surprise, because most people don’t like iOS 7 at the time, but according to our survey results show that the iOS 7 support is relatively higher. TechCrunch according to our survey results even wrote another article.

 how to get a start-up 40 million page views

when PS4 and competition among the Xbox360, we also introduced a series of investigations. These investigations are very popular with readers that SONY’s chief financial officer when earnings analyst meeting also quoted our results.

you should now see: every piece of news or popular articles have our investigation. I’ll tell all the hottest news reports on network behind the journalists or contact the author.

you may have noticed, all the insert to the news reports will be in the upper right-hand corner of our survey shows that Polar logo. The trademark link with our website. Anyone can register on our website, and then customize for his own web page a embedded investigation.

in fact, the way we is inserted through the investigation will flow from the other website in their website.

as a hot news flow to zero does not mean that it is no traffic at all. Every story has considerable search traffic, so we can get page views for months or even years. Soon, we’ll break through 40 million page views per month.

so how can you do this?

word for word coming all this way for most people. However, extract some content for you contact the journalist or news reporter is very useful.

for Polar, we have been focused on the real-time news reports of journalists. Just stand up for your location in propaganda, the reporters will respond. This could be an interesting study you, a case analysis, or something you find. It is likely to become an investor or their attention before the company’s latest news.

keep in mind the following:

1, always provide reporters or they think they need interesting valuable content.

2, in the research what should contact a reporter, you should try to find other articles selected articles views with you.

3, want a good reason to persuade reporters agreed to insert your research into his writing articles.