Experience of Russia “national flag” Android machine: local tyrants machine is very practical

cloud network hunting note: remember Mr Putin to acquire large that smart phone? Yes that’s it – YotaPhone 2. The smartphone adopt unique double screen design, creative. Electronic ink on the back of the screen not only superior performance, strong practicability, and small energy consumption, low carbon environmental protection. The phone has been on the market in China, now let’s look the photos!!!!

sales Devices is a Russian company, YotaPhone generation was born in 2013 won the attention of the science and technology enthusiasts for it. In 2014, it introduced the second generation of smartphones – YotaPhone 2. The Android smartphone performance is outstanding, good configuration, exquisite appearance, also equipped with a second piece of full touch electronic ink display, the overall function on the basis of the first generation has improved significantly.

Basic configuration parameter

5 inches, 1920 x 1080 resolution of OLED screen;

a 4.7 -inch, 960 x 540 resolution of electronic ink vice screen;

2.3 GHz quad core processor;

2 gb memory, 32 gb storage capacity;

8 million pixels rear camera, 2 million pixels front-facing camera;

suggested retail price: no lock version of about $850.

Advantages of

vice screen super practical;

physical design excellence.


e-ink screen contrast and refresh rate did not reach the expected level.


YotaPhone 2 is an iteration only after generation, performance is improved greatly with the typical case. YotaPhone generation had made a lot of compromise, also not suitable for outdoor use in research and development experiment. YotaPhone 2 configuration, however, a comprehensive upgrade. It is not only a good continuation of the generation of double screen design, other design no dead Angle is 360 degrees, low-key appearance fashion, have certain radian, the fuselage is held at the same time feeling good.

the latest design sales can not help but reminiscent of the Palm Pre. Because there is no doubt that carry on the back of the 4.7 -inch screen, YotaPhone 2 of the fuselage is thicker than the current many first-class smartphones, but its ergonomics effect is not affected. Is held at the same time increase the weight makes it feel more comfortable than a lot of smart devices today. Especially those made from plastic shell equipment in YotaPhone 2 set off like a bargain.

YotaPhone 2 back matte design, convenient for people to read the content of electronic ink display. At the same time, this design makes more aesthetic appearance, even in the case of a black screen. To say what are the disadvantages of it, it is can make body more slippery. But considering the effect help YotaPhone generation get people’s attention, more make YotaPhone 2 from the number of Android devices stand out – even in the case of despite vice screen design, it is also a selling point to attract consumers.


YotaPhone 2 features function obviously, is the electronic ink display screen. The screen is 4.7 inches, occupy the mobile phone back most of the space, and the other phones on the market are generally reserved for the manufacturer name on the back of the space and operator logo. In addition, the back and the remaining space is frames filled. The screen can be set according to your phone display dynamic content.

you can set, YotaPhone 2 make it can display one or a group from the local library or social platform (such as sets and Facebook) pictures or charts. It can also push notifications, including did not call, information, E-mail, etc. But notice from the third party applications and cannot be displayed on the electronic ink display complete, but it will at least something sent to let you know. You know what is open the home screen. Sales also provides an API that developers can truthfully show the notification from their application. Such a great experience.

YotaPhone 2 e-ink screens can reflect the full Android OS, to enable you to access the Kindle application, such as the application in the black and white not backlit LCD screen display effect is better. Maps also is pretty good, it can help you in a strange city the way, at the same time also does not affect battery life function. Selfie application that can help you with 8 million pixels rear camera self-time, even in low resolution image of black and white environment is good too.

you can also to set the screen at the same time, make its display information such as news headlines, the weather, the real-time clock – sales offers a variety of custom options, you can completely realize the personalized Settings. Other electronic ink display screen to display the contents of the limit, this is also a big selling point. YotaPhone generation in this limit, make integral value. YotaPhone 2 screens, by contrast, is more like a Swiss army knife, without it you will greatly increase the trouble.


even than the later released the Nexus, YotaPhone 2 also benefited a lot from native Android. Although YotaPhone 2 currently run Android 4.4.2 system, but will eventually update sales commitment to Lollipop version. Even without a version 5.0, you will also get a stable operation system version, and cutting-edge processors in the smart devices are compatible with hardware can be perfect.

when I was in the phone in the common application and operation of the game, no there is not any surprise encounter trouble. In the absence of using electronic ink display, YotaPhone 2 battery life with normal equipment, namely a charge may be use one day. But I gradually learned how to use electronic ink display, a charge the use of extended to three days, even if it doesn’t matter a lot of reading through the Kindle.

in some ways, such as cameras, YotaPhone 2 behave more like a device in the end, compared with other Android smartphone is general performance. But you can use the rear camera as a take camera, to make up for the lack of it. YotaPhone 2 pictures in low light environment effect is worse, if you want to use cell phone camera function words, still don’t choose it.


YotaPhone 2 two pieces of display screen is quite perfect. 5 in the home screen has excellent pixel density, the use of AMOLED material and color is more bright. Although it is in automatic adjust light and background light detection performance is not good, but this is not a big problem, a lot of smartphones have this problem, even a well-respected Android original equipment manufacturer production is no exception.

e-ink screens have greater increase compared with generation, but a 960 x 540 pixels won’t surprising on the text or image clarity. Even so, it’s still are comparable to those obtained with the Kindle series (except released this year’s high-end reader Voyage). The contrast of the screen and the refresh rate without any increase, users generally do not care about this aspect. Basic legibility, size and full touch function key factors such as the screen’t lack anything, so the practical very strong, even with a few hours, reading experience is still good.


in YotaPhone generation, on the basis of YotaPhone 2 performance greatly improved, but also the continuation of the generation of appeal. In other words, its uniqueness is it wins the favor of a small group of audience, such as those who like to read but don’t want to carry the Kindle, or a person in the way of reading a large number of documents.

YotaPhone 2 also proves that everyone can benefit from low energy vice screen, at the same time sales technology also is superior than that of the other original equipment manufacturers, including shear window technology. Under the technical visit notice need not wake up the entire screen, lower energy consumption.


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