“Exclusive” talent auction platform strength for millions of angel investment

(/xiao-miao li wen)

today, the Internet auction platform high-end talent power CEO Guo Hongcheng tell hunting cloud network, power was ali is personal millions of angel investment.

capability, with special talent auction model, and make the Internet in the high-end talent recruitment platform , Guo Hong cheng said power is free of headhunting, want to auction special talents, make the maximization of the value of people.

the strength of the target user is a $10 w to 50 w Internet in high-end talent , mainly provide Android, iOS engineer, front end engineer, UI designers, CTO, product manager, operations, such as position of special talent auction, mainly for the 3 years or above experience of candidate services , outstanding graduates or have 1-2 years experience of talent was also considered.

by power users to upload resume shoot professional audit team to audit , if accord with qualification to participate in the auction, your resume will be add special auction , user is in the process of auction auction anonymous, is available to all registered companies see user resume and expected salary attached, and send interview invitation to cattle man, but your resume will be hidden contact information, subject to the consent will only be sent to the corresponding enterprises, and the only enterprise users can see the user’s experience. Of course release an auction is shielding his former employer is a must. In addition, the power out agreed to an interview, take 50 yuan to help you take a taxi to the interview, it is also the strength of the standard.

as a corporate party, power platform can provide more talent to the enterprise information, and power have a professional team help enterprises to wade through the resumes. Since the power take online in November 2014 to now, in addition to tencent, thunderbolt talent resource, taken into power enterprises there are about 1000 .

Guo Hongcheng tell hunting cloud network strength of positioning is enterprise users, has won the financing start-ups , to help these enterprises recruit people, but the strength of enterprises in the registered users have not finance start-up team, in addition to pay treasure, tencent and other large companies. release is currently looking for companies is completely free , late fees may provide value-added services.

power since the launch, has more than 10 times talent auction, launched three months, received more than 1000 resumes, android auction induction rate was 15% for the first time, according to a recent issue of the auction data statistics, the enterprise has issued 170 interview invitation, on average, each receive 4.7 offers, corporate average price is 17.3 K. now receives an average of 100 resumes a day, 60% – 70% for programmers.

the recent strength pat will launch a special “job-hopping, brothers” auction, the auction will cover all the Internet profession talented person, from March 23 to April 3, power pat will guarantee user submitted within 12 hours after your resume, to complete the audit on the auction, and ensure that the user can received the interview invitation within 24 hours.

power belongs to the shenzhen red scarf network technology co., LTD., company was founded in October 2014, the 90 entrepreneurial teams there are 15 people. Power take two founders was imperial classmate, CEO Guo Hongcheng before IBM in the UK, 14 early return home business, CTO, Jack worked in Sony.

power pat will in the next release talents evaluation function, will be launched late class talent auction sales.

the first auction model into the Internet with the talent recruitment is Hired in the United States (originally called developer auction) programmer recruitment website, was founded in 2012. Domestic of this pattern and Beijing team and Shanghai team (have).