Exclusive: mobile payment business O2O platform open A round table of 200 million yuan

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today, local business mobile payment O2O platform “table” to hunt cloud network exclusive insiders revealed that the company has completed A round of nearly 200 million RMB financing, figure capital investors for the day, all at present, the money has to account. This round of financing is mainly used in mobile payment technology platform of r&d and business development of Beijing, Shanghai, shenzhen and other cities and continuous service.

this is Beijing’s first time information technology co., LTD., its products. First time was established in 2005, is China’s earliest local business O2O practitioners, in 2006, introduced general prepaid card is given priority to with fitness – “cool card”, is an enterprise of prepaid payment services provide local life.

after the successful transition to the Internet, first you want to borrow service local business experience, take advantage of the full licence to line, provide services platform for local small and medium-sized merchants O2O transformation, make local businesses really O2O flow entrance, locking customers, independent user management and marketing activities, fulfill the highest cash flow, will no longer be a bulk sales channels such as kidnapping.

a table of the current focus on lunch consumption, original intention is to use the mobile Internet help white-collar lunch have preferential, interesting, have more topic between colleagues. Table end and businesses end user consumption, is through the open table, the user can find around lunch merchants as soon as possible, and decide where to eat, before going to shake you get lunch breaks (rice), in the final pay the checkout food subsidies will be according to the merchants set up automatic deduction. Not only can be generated between colleagues, acquaintances (circle) topic and keep fresh, but also create a lunchtime little surprise. Has opened in Beijing, Shanghai, shenzhen three cities.

at the same time, the table also provides users with convenient payment, the user can open table account as a purse, pooling the wireless payment of each big mainstream channels, no matter what channel users to pay, can quickly complete the mobile payment. Users can pay with open account balance table, e-currency payment, elegant and cool CARDS and other payment. Based on this, a table is gradually from lunch random preferential platform into local business mobile payment.

from providing food subsidies to financial services, “a table” want to seize the city white-collar lunch demand, gather up the small and medium-sized businesses, and the first financial by O2O market power.

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