“Exclusive” education O2O search millions of angel financing learn to treasure

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in March 2015, search learn treasure to suzhou railway station is launched operation, exclusive tell hunting cloud network team, search learn treasure have obtained by Jin Feng venture investment level of millions of angel financing. Plan from the southeast corner of suzhou, step by step.

search learn treasure belongs to the college students in jiangsu province outstanding entrepreneurial projects, obtain province special funds support, is a high-quality goods curriculum platform of choose and buy, the biggest characteristic is to do than qualitative, spell price, discount the three major characteristics. Platform for people including young children, primary and secondary schools, students, professionals, business users, etc., but considering the high concentration of college students, and the strong ability of independent, platform of the target audience positioning for college students.

the CEO Guo Lilang before creating search learn to treasure, also made a product called “speech”, focus on speech and eloquence education online platform, but registered users here and there are few and far between, access to other institutions for training public speeches at the same time, the lack of monitoring mechanism, cannot prove that students be through speech is introduced in the past, agency rebate did not go well. In June 2014, speech is classed as a “professional training” category, become studying unit treasure of a little boy.

than mass spell get preferential price, search of the treasure to seven words. Guo Lilang convective cloud network said: “other institutions of similar platform is put information together, but few screening and recommendation, search learn treasure to guard a pass, when the agency access grossness, imperfect shielding qualification” black “. Follow-up will also be on the platform between agencies launched “than quality” function, and in the aspects of teachers, curriculum, price transparency of information, convenient for user selection. Than mass is found treasure mode core competitiveness lies.”

in the evolution of the quality control process, the early stage of the search learn treasure will put all of the commission and benefits to customers, in order to obtain larger market customers. Guo Lilang revealed that the platform has the client to achieve cooperation with high coverage in some colleges and universities, to finish the suzhou market, promptly to the neighbouring cities such as nanjing, Shanghai. Current search learn treasure has talked to more than 30 partners, suzhou is expected to cover 300, completed in June 15000 transactions, 20000 registered users.

Guo Lilang tell hunting cloud network, search learn to treasure the future hope to get through the whole education assembly line, let the education resources evaluation over learners decision or product. By aggregating the high quality education institutions, excellent courses do education O2O navigation flow entrance, provide one-stop education services for learners.