Exclusive: B2B outbound distribution platform acting on network 2.5 million investment

(word/Li Xitong)

in heat rising outbound travel, free line population grows, “the machine + wine” free line products competitive industry background, the cross-border tourism “beer and skittles and purchasing products in the process of electronic has become the missing link. And play the way, I’m boring, such as the sea to play C end customer oriented outbound tourism products, was founded in January 2014 the practice of the network, is one of the few focus on tourism electronic products trade B2B platform, real-time target audience is overseas travel products suppliers and distributors.

worked as executives at eight years of practice in mango net network founder Lin Donghong said in an interview with hunting cloud network, international air ticket can realize automatic ticket management, tourism products have stymied in the process of electronic, and she seized the cross-border tourism services real-time trading pain points set up a B2B platform for the outbound tourism product distribution .

at the same time, she told cloud network exclusive hunting, acting on the network have been peace angel investment innovation fund 2.5 million yuan, A round of funding is also in the pipeline.

Lin Donghong that acting on focus is the activity of free line of people outside the destination and the demand of consumer products, through system integration and management, integration of upstream and downstream multilateral reservation and trading node resources, and provide upstream and downstream businesses with an input light, quick settlement, cross-border elements of automatic supply real-time trading platform. Beer and skittles and purchasing product updates iteration speed, service management processes differ in thousands ways, its multifarious product information is scattered in the world’s destination, high dispersion and upstream and downstream businesses also made B value.

what is committed to providing a clear lines, product price transparency, clear rules, change rules be clear at a glance back efficient business platform.

destination in booking link to obtain real time inventory information is particularly important. Acting on network to achieve the docking with the upstream business inventory of real time, at the same time for the artificial cost is high, the distribution system construction ability weak output destination supplier provide free site construction services.

in addition, the practice also to upstream suppliers provide free one-to-many products distribution services, as well as the localization of the product content and service management. According to Lin Donghong, for there are three types of distributors to provide services: first, it can confirm the global trading destinations of beer and skittles and purchasing products; Second, three types of mature technology service plan, including the construction service API interface, channel reservation scheme and a key access taobao function; Third, the localization service management services.

Lin Donghong don’t worry about buyers and sellers to establish direct relations of cooperation, according to her introduction, at present a lot of businesses is the upstream suppliers is introduced. When docking with the distributors for one-on-one need to invest more resources, suppliers are more inclined to choose through convenient one-to-many distribution acting on network transactions.

when startup besides Lin Donghong, six other employees are technical personnel, the CTO deng Lin Yuan mango net air ticket, head of IT. The only team with only four months time to build a platform of scenic spots as the core of the world’s exit to play. Acting on the existing staff of 18, has brought together 80, 90, after each talent.

what network officially launched on July 1, 2014, the upstream and downstream businesses has reached more than 500, nearly 11000 online products, covering the destination city of 288, as the number of transactions has more than 9000 times last month. Has been successfully signed, such as China southern airlines, ctrip, way cattle, tips, tao on the road and channel customers.