Everyone Trucker for truck drivers “nanny” application Path, or entry into China

is a help truck drivers find truck stop, parking lot, service area, the DOT said the key, the application of carwash and places associated with the truck. Seems sounds most map tools can also do this, it seems to be no. Development company, however, have to let him beyond the map tool plan. In order to achieve this, at the same time to enter the growing Chinese market Trucker Path have got the social networking site that China’s $1.5 million investment.

trucking is a huge industry, although for a long time on the market has a number of services in the application of the trucking industry, Trucker Path with its unique quality quickly attracted a large number of users. So far, Trucker Path already had 100000 registered users, according to the company files, user growth rate reached a staggering 20% per month.

according to the company’s development plan, Trucker Path hopes to use their huge user community become a bridge that crosses from the commercial truck server and the owner. Company is a platform only by inviting the Beta test of the service, in the foreseeable future, the service is obviously Trucker Path optimal profit way. Like a company in the near future on its blog mentioned, they are looking to buy a small and medium-sized freight company to help them expand and strengthen this aspect of the business.

the CEO Ivan Tsybaev tones md in the day’s routine conference: “the American trucking industry is need of such a change, our task is not only solve the problem of the industry economy, and social livelihood issues, truck drivers should earn more, the United States needs to make the industry more attractive for the younger generation.”