Every day in order to “home” service, jingdong led orchard $70 million in financing

orchard announced today that it has won $70 million in financing, everyday by jingdong collar, SIG and wenkai Ming capital continue to vote. This is orchard everyday since the beginning of 2014 after the latest round of financing. The money will be used in every orchard investment in infrastructure construction, team construction and the national business development as well as the development of the upstream supply chain system.

every day orchard was founded in 2009, successively in 2013 and 2014, respectively, for A and B round, SIG and Clearvue tens of millions of dollars in investment. Company is mainly for domestic customers to provide quality fruit fresh electrical business services, online sales of fruit imported fruit is more than 80%, in the cold chain distribution on professional advantage is very obvious. The company is dealing with the origin of orchard directly import way, from the origin of replenish onr’s stock, decrease of wholesale and retail, to control quality of fruit and circulation time, reduce the loss of price difference. This approach makes it puts forward more requirements to warehousing, logistics, capital, etc.

for jingdong, now want to seek to expand a business is fresh, and launched jingdong home services, in this regard, a stake in orchard every day seeking support is one of the strategies on the category. In addition, in the deployment of the country’s storage, jingdong logistics resources is also important to orchard every day.

according to instructions, after this round of financing, jingdong will provide logistics support for the orchard every day, help them to expand the national market. Everyday orchard, founder and CEO wang wei said: “the financing will help orchard further intensified day by day in professional team, cold-chain logistics and leading position in the field of upstream supply chain system, etc. At the same time, every day the orchard will speed up to complete the layout in the national market.”

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