Evening news: the meizu won $650 million investment, such as ali WeChat updates can connect bluetooth

cloud network hunting on Feb. 9 (text/who)

meizu was ali’s $650 million investment in such as

alibaba group announced a $590 million stake in the meizu technology, BAT it three home, the first Internet giant investment mainstream mobile phone manufacturer. This is alibaba since listed the biggest investment. As well as the Google Nexus series, ali investment is mobile phone through the depth of the hardware and software integration, better display power wireless ecological scenarios.

HelloFresh, FreeCharge, love the star trails, HourlyNerd, Xeneta, apple will won a financing

HelloFresh won $126 million E round of funding. HelloFresh in a week, for the unit volume distribution the needed ingredients, and provides clear steps and easy to understand video cooking, let users easily in half an hour to make the health, nutrition food. Investors still including Rocket Internet and Insight Venture Partners.

FreeCharge complete C $80 million round of funding. FreeCharge is an online phone website, India with telecommunication operators and merchants to establish relations of cooperation, to provide top-up service can exchange amount equivalent coupons. Investors in addition to B wheel sequoia, re – Net Holdings and Sofina, new added a Valiant Tybourne and Capital Management.

$10 million B round love star trails. type love mark by star independent App (rice) and integrated App for fans to provide information, communication means, in the form of platform, each rice by about 30-50 fans to management. In addition to a small amount of peripheral products, concert tickets selling business, love the star trails in 2014 has worked with cyts Tours tried star theme travel products.

HourlyNerd won $8 million in financing. HourlyNerd is a startup in Boston, they help enterprises to establish contact with freelance consultant/experts. After get funding, they are ready to expand its business to large enterprises.

Xeneta won A $5.3 million round of funding. Xeneta is a shipping price comparison platform. , investment institutions including Creandum, Point about Nine Capital, Alden, Alliance Venture

apple will won a policy source and suitable venture angel investment 10 million RMB. is the first mobile media products “twisted” has been launched. Twisted music is a major secondary yuan user service, provide content and reservation service of mobile media, can be in any ACG to IP content (such as animation, games, etc.) before rendering or shelves, provide players with content, at the same time, provide users with the booking service.

alibaba 2014 tax 11 billion yuan

the news that the alibaba group in 2014 total tax is 10.94668 billion yuan, including the enterprise income tax, value-added tax, business tax, personal income tax and other revenue sources. Previously, alibaba chairman jack ma has announced that alibaba pay more than $7 billion in 2013.

micro letter update support connected bluetooth devices

slightly updated version 6.1.1 letter, in addition to the attachment for version 6.1 has been updated on the bar can send red envelopes, custom expression is not lost when the replacement phone, searchable content and nearby restaurants, circle of friends are the main functions of the newly added support to connect bluetooth device, in the public view the data.

us news blog huffington post plan into the Chinese market within the

the famous American news blog the huffington post will be released in the second quarter of the Australian version of the site, with Australia local company Fairfax Media cooperation. The company also plans to explore other international markets, including China and Mexico. Its CEO Jimmy maiman said, as long as can get government approval, establish relationship would be running before the end of 2015

the flash sales site overall the end of the month sales

American designer works flash sales web site, Fab.com will be at the end of February fire sale of assets. The once more than $300 million in financing company is sold at $15 million total price to PCH International manufacturing company. Overall main flash sales business of all kinds of designer, including colorful furniture and home decoration.

sohu, Synaptics, swim get rich report

sohu in the fourth quarter of the total revenue of $477 million, up 24%; Attribution of sohu net loss of $20 million in the fourth quarter, not according to general accounting standards computation, the attribution of sohu net loss of $14 million in the fourth quarter. Sohu 2014 full-year revenue was $1.7 billion, up 19% from a year earlier. Attribution of sohu net loss of $171 million in 2014, is not calculated on us gaap, attribution of sohu net loss of $120 million in 2014.

solution developers Synaptics, man-machine interface, net income rose by 125% in the second quarter of fiscal 2015, to $463.7 million. The quarterly net profit of $20 million, or diluted earnings per share of $0.52. The quarter than GAAP net income was $55.8 million, or diluted earnings per share of $1.46.

changyou total revenue in the fourth quarter of 215.9 million dollars, an increase of 11%; Is not calculated on us gaap, belonging to swim in the fourth quarter net profit of $13.7 million, compared with the same period last year net profit of $43.3 million. Its fiscal 2014 total revenue of $755.3 million, a 2% increase in 2013. Belonging to changyou’s Non – GAAP net income of $700000, 2013, $269.9 million.