Evening news: Taboola such as financing, under armour $560 million acquisition of two fitness App

cloud network hunting on February 5th (text/who)

Taboola, zhongxing, the financing new oxygen

content recommendation engine Taboola won $117 million in a new round of financing. one of the investment by the world’s largest investment fund Fidelity Management led, LV group, Japan Yahoo shareholders main Groupe Arnault, Steadfast Capital, Comcast Ventures etc to vote.

zhongxing micro variety group $50 million investment. zhongxing micro announced, has with variety group subsidiary Alpha Spring signed a purchase agreement. Variety group will be the price of common stock at $2.50 per share acquisition zhongxing micro stock. After completion of the transaction, variety group will hold zhongxing micro 20 million shares of common stock, about 16.3% of the zhongxing micro stakes.

plastic O2O platform new oxygen to complete the $20 million B round of funding. by zhi led letter, matrix partners to vote. New oxygen, founder of Venus, said the current financing channels will be mainly used in perfect hospital, consumer safety guarantee system construction, etc.

under armour’s $560 million takeover of two fitness App

sporting goods company under armour will pay $475 million and $85 million acquisition of MyFitnessPal and Endomondo, the former can help people record their intake of calories to achieve weight loss goals, the latter can track the user’s various activities. To gain the fitness enthusiasts huge amounts of data, so as to promote sales of sporting goods.

envelope kill alipay, a red envelope and netease cloud music illegally?

the market economy is the economic competition, but freedom is also under the framework of the law, therefore, tencent’s freedom should be under the condition of the precondition of not in violation of the provisions of laws, but tencent wayward in WeChat blocked alipay, dried shrimp, netease cloud music actually violated a number of laws and regulations, affecting tens of million of the legitimate rights and interests of individuals and businesses.

sicong Sue sohu claims 200000 session today

think sohu entertainment published reports of the “rich second generation sicong rolls must vote” fabricated false facts, affect their reputation, sicong will sohu Internet information service co., LTD., Beijing HanHua easy beauty image technology (tianjin) co., LTD., Beijing HanHua easy image co., LTD., Zhong Fubao sued, request the report, a public apology and compensation of 200000 yuan. This morning, the case in the chaoyang court trial.

smartphones and accessories for 15 minutes to detect HIV

a smartphone, a cheap accessories, plus a blood sample, 15 minutes can be diagnosed with HIV/AIDS and syphilis. This kind of mobile phone accessories has various function of laboratory blood testing instruments, by detecting virus antibody to diagnose HIV and syphilis, and the cost is only $34.