Evening: millet to enter the United States sell accessories, Lyft or financing for $250 million

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millet to the U.S. market only sell don’t sell mobile phone accessories

millet President held and global vice President Hugo barak announced on the millet website and online store will be launched soon, and including mobile power supply, headphones and millet bracelet accessories products will be sold to U.S. consumers. At the same time, however, had made it clear that mobile phone millet and millet tablets temporarily these products also will launch in the United States market.

the taxi application Lyft or raised $250 million

the New York times said, taking a taxi application Lyft plans to raise $250 million m, the company valued at $2 billion. This round of funding will be used to expand business in the United States. But, according to the New York post reported Lyft will raise $500 million, $2 billion valuation for the same. Sources say the round is not yet done. Lyft expect some existing investors to increase investment amount.

beauty online travel giant Expedia16 $to buy Orbitz

the U.S. online travel services giant company announced a $1.6 billion all-cash competitors Orbitz Worldwide. Company said in a statement, we have reached an agreement with Orbitz Worldwide certainty agreement, according to the agreement, the company will be $12 per share cash acquisition of companies Orbitz Worldwide and all of its brand, the total size of $1.6 billion. Orbitz Worldwide stock market value of about $1.3 billion.

byd sold up to 2.3 billion electronic components business

byd to speed up the business transformation and upgrading, reported to the listed companies in shenzhen together Thai flexible circuit boards, liquid crystal display and sale business module, camera products shenzhen byd is tasted a full ownership, price is yet to be implemented, but in any case not more than RMB 2.3 billion (approximately hk $2.875 billion). Companies are estimated to sell items posted pre-tax profit of RMB 1.629 billion. Force ty paying money, of which 75% will be paid by RMB 9.64 per share issuing new shares, the shares 12.29% of its enlarged share capital; The balance 25% will be paid in cash.

yahoo will layoffs in Canada from 100 to 200 were

yahoo company will cut 100 to 200, due to the CEO mayer is trying to cut costs. The, according to people familiar with the job cuts will be focused on Canada’s offices, yahoo, yahoo will affect about 1% of the total number of employees worldwide. Yahoo’s current employees a total of 12500 people worldwide.