Evening: Microsoft samsung reconciliation, creative cooperation PicsArt mobile community financing

cloud network hunting on February 10 (text/who)

Microsoft samsung reconciliation android patent lawsuit

Microsoft announced that already and samsung electronics settlement on samsung android default Microsoft patent litigation. However, the settlement agreement details about the two companies, Microsoft has not reported to the press. In addition, according to the settlement, samsung electronics will also stop by the international chamber of commerce in the international arbitration court of Hong Kong office “on both sides of the dispute for arbitration.

IBM to prosecute the largest travel website: violation of four patents

IBM in the United States to prosecute the Priceline group (the largest online travel company, USA), accusing it of operation and the travel of the catering site violated IBM four patents. Before the first (1990 s) is used to track with the user’s talk. The second (1990 s) is used to accelerate the Internet; The third patent (2006) is an Internet advertising display method; The fourth patent (2009) is used to improve the single sign-on (sso).

creative cooperation mobile community PicsArt won tens of millions of dollars of sequoia capital financing

provide abundant image editing functions of mobile applications: PicsArt completed A round of funding, the investor of sequoia capital, raising $10 million, this is the first time PicsArt financing. Only upload and share with the rest of the class the function of application of different images, PicsArt editor can synthesize new image, also trained a large number of users to create images.

online payment service Line to purchase the WebPay

mobile chat application Line announced that the company will purchase online payment service WebPay Holdings. The acquisition will help Line Pay the development of mobile payment service. The Line Pay released in December last year. WebPay was founded in 2013, for developers to provide payment services.

HP data Security firm, Voltage Security

HP announced the acquisition of data Security firm Voltage Security, but did not disclose the specific plan. HP said, Voltage Security will be charged to the company’s Atalla Solutions unit. Atalla Solutions, is a set of specially designed for enterprise customers and development of data encryption and security suite, can for the mobile and network equipment, and the information in the data center to provide protection.

Canon buy Sweden camera giant AXIS

Canon company announced it would offer (TOB) through the surveillance cameras in Sweden giant AXIS. Amount up to about 330 billion yen (RMB 17.4 billion), the amount in the history of Canon’s biggest acquisitions.

netease wealth newspaper revenue was up 42% year-on-year

netease in the fourth quarter of 2014, 3.684 billion yuan ($594 million), up 42.5% than the same period of last year’s 2.585 billion yuan; In the fourth quarter of 2014 net profit of 1.271 billion yuan ($205 million), in the same period last year is RMB 1.237 billion yuan.

China telecom announced retired CFO Wu Andi

today’s announcement, China telecom said Wu Andi reason because of the age is no longer as executive director of the listed company, executive vice President and chief financial officer, effective from now on, China telecom did not announce a successor. Previously, China telecom group company has internal dispatch, announced Wu Andi officially retired, no longer as a group company and party member, deputy general manager, chief accountant.