Evening: 58 acquisition driving first whiff, kiss baby 40 million investment

58 city full acquisition the way driving test platform first whiff

driving first whiff is a beginner for driving, car drivers and driving training agency services in the field of professional website. 58 city surrounding the acquisition will be the owner in car O2O of further perfection of the whole chain, the chain to driving school first whiff of “starting point”, the project also includes 58 city strategic investment the largest lower-tier cities used car network “273 used cars, car auction platform ZhuoJieHang, represents the driving industry e generation O2O, car rental company with drive car rental company, as well as internal has 58 trainer and 58 illegal query plan hatched.

mother-to-child electricity kiss baby for 40 million yuan investment

great lakes stake decisions with their own capital of 10 million yuan, united Shanghai spring the autumn harvest equity investment fund management center, a total of 40 million yuan capital Beijing kiss baby management of science and technology co., LTD. Kiss baby platform and offline chain to mobile Internet O2O business model, key for maternal and infants 0 to 6 years of age with life service, and provide the maternal and infant food, health care products and other product sales.

car sped networking technology startups magnesium content was over thousands of angels

Magnesium content

“go” is a newly established car networking technology start-up companies, is committed to surrounding “smart car networking services and Shared services” to provide products and services. The team has won a total thousands of angels. Before loading networking platform operation and TSP magnesium content priority service is go flying by. Future still can involve 2 c “speeding magnesium content” of business, even the car sharing. Hurtling magnesium content with car manufacturers, open source building cars, and a synthetic car team cooperation, to provide economic, convenient travel services quickly. Source: sohu auto net

Google $300 million capital injection in the us housing solar project

the largest residential solar system installation cite soleil announced that has created a $750 million fund to provide financing for about 25000 residential solar projects, including $300 million in funding from Google, it is Google’s biggest ever renewable energy investment. The money will be used to help American families install rooftop solar system, the owner will be able to pay the monthly fee to sun city of lease equipment provided by the company.

property startup Opendoor won $20 million B round

San Francisco startup Opendoor Labs obtained by GGV Capital of the company’s led a $20 million B round of funding, they hope to apply modern technology to building business area, with a long history for people to quickly sell their house. With the aid of the financing, Opendoor pilot will no longer be confined to the market now, but began to more cities to promote business.

women’s fashion mall Nasty Gal won $16 million C round

flagship “bad girl” and the concept of restoring ancient ways, women’s fashion electricity Nasty Gal just won a $16 million C round of financing, the father of apple retail business Ron Johnson led. He will also become a member board of directors of the company. Nasty Gal accurate positioning and characteristic is bright, conform to the trend of our young women pursue personality dress up.

personalized map CitymapsA round $6 million

Citymaps provide alternative map service, in addition to the basic road and places outside, also are tiled brand logo on the map. Users can easily create your own map, and then invite friends to editor, map by the carrier, with the concept of crowdsourcing to realize the social function. At present, the urban expansion of support to the world, in a larger scope of new attractions, 80 million. Citymaps completed A $6 million round of financing, the investor has Acdia Woods Partners, Coatue Management, Nokia Growth Partners, etc.

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