Even if improper code farmer, you also want to know the 15 kinds of programming language

cloud network hunting note: as the saying goes, the tables have turned. Has been in the programmer at the bottom of the food chain finally ushered in the opportunity to counter attack! When paid more than $300, the top management ranks, becoming CEO… Don’t have a girlfriend programmer has become everyone’s favorite Grosvenor LTD handsome! And so on, first take a look at the 15 kinds of programming language will dreaming again.

if you are a programmer, you are the spring be far behind! According to the data from the bureau of labor statistics show that in the next seven years, the computer programming class jobs will grow by 8%. If you are a master of programming, then you pay could reach $300 or more per hour.

then, question: how to just calculate master of programming? Want to get high salary need to master what kind of programming language? To this, we consulted with the content of the online teaching platform Lynda director Doug need.but, he summarized the following 15 for us to master a programming language.

1. Java

Java as building a modern enterprise back-end Web application is one of the most commonly used programming languages, is a must understand (master) programming language. Web developers with Java and Java based framework for a variety of users to create scalable Web applications. Java is also used to develop the Android system is one of the main programming language native applications.

2. JavaScript

modern website without JavaScript. If you want to create interactive for your site, or use the popular JavaScript framework to build a user interface, then the JavaScript is the best choice.

3. C #

c # is the main language of Windows development environment. Whether you are using Microsoft Windows Azure and cloud computing platform. The.net framework to create a modern web application, or a Windows application equipment, or for your enterprise development powerful desktop applications, c # can help you quickly navigate Microsoft provides all the functionality. You can develop a game? Of course. Very popular Unity game development engine is the c # as one of the main development language of its own.

4. PHP

web applications need to load data, this time? In PHP. One type of the PHP language and MySQL database, is to develop the basic tools of modern web applications. PHP is applied to the vast majority of data driven sites, is also the foundation of content management system technology, such as WordPress, systematically manage your site content, make it more reasonable.

5. C + +

the first few hard, want to understand a little bit more simple? Then try the c + +. When you need direct access to the hardware for maximum processing capacity, c + + is a choice. It is to develop powerful desktop software and hardware acceleration of the game, and the development on the desktop and mobile devices, control end of the best programming language content intensive applications.

6. Python

Python can do almost any programming work. Web applications, user interface, data analysis, statistics, etc. – whatever it is, you can always find required framework in Python. Recently, Python has become the important tool of data scientists used to screening of large data sets.

7. C

why C so enduring? The answer is “small stature, big functions.” Because C speech occupied space is small, but the processing speed and functions are powerful. If you need a software for embedded systems development, need to deal with system kernel or want to use every bit of resources on hand, in addition to the C language, there is a better choice?

8. SQL

the data is very important, it is everywhere, it is complicated. At that time, you need to SQL to help you in a quick, repeatable, and reliable method to accurately find information. With SQL, you can easily extracted from large and complex database queries, the meaningful data.

9. Ruby

want to quickly create project? For your next big Web application design a prototype ideas? Ruby can help you to make it. Ruby is a simple and quick object-oriented programming (oop) and a scripting language, it’s easy to learn and fierce, the global epidemic of tens of thousands of Web applications in Ruby.

10. Objective – C

if you want to develop the application of iOS, then it is necessary to understand the Objective – C. Swift fired last year, despite apple’s new programming language, Objective – C is still the basis of the apple ecosystem application language. Master the Objective – C and Xcode both apple software development tools, in the App Store just around the corner.

11. Perl

it is difficult to understand Perl, is also chaotic, it’s a super powerful programming language, is one of the important part of all network security tools. Since invention to Perl has its strong role, also has always been regarded as the important tool of IT professionals.

12.. NET

the.net is not actually a real programming language, but as an important platform of Microsoft, it is widely applied in cloud services, servers, and applications development. Thanks to the recent Microsoft’s open source project, the.net now also has been used in the development of Google and apple platforms. The benefits of the final is that using.net and any kind of programming language, you can easily develop a compatible with most platforms.

13. VB