Evaluation of New 3 ds XL: nintendo’s New breakthrough, a New future

hunting cloud network note: who can imagine, in this era of mobile equipment emerge in endlessly, but there was a device could have been alive, it is nintendo’s handheld game consoles. Glasses-free 3 d technology, NFC technology, C – Stick simulation controller, these are the nintendo trying to survive the striking efforts in this era, the new nintendo 3 ds XL will continue to illustrate.

nintendo released this month in the United States the 3 ds hardware revision, this will be the series first after a significant improved version.

“a new version of” the nintendo 3 ds XL is not so easy to read, but it can be very straightforward tell us although it adds some new features changed part of the special appearance, but still most of the characteristics of inherited the previous version. So the user experience, comfort, and complete, has reached a PSP levels.

basic configuration

facial tracking function based on camera, is used to improve the open hole 3 d effect

new ZL, ZR back button

new C – Stick simulation controller

support Amiibo (note: cloud network editor king hunting an entity nintendo 2014 toys) of NFC, speaking, reading and writing

3.53 inch screen, 800 x240

3.02 inch screen, 320 x240, resistive touch screen

support microSD card

manufacturer’s suggested retail price: $199.99


overall work quality is improved obviously

3 d effect more coherent

support C – Stick game experience good


MicroSD card is hard to replace

new stylus is not convenient to replace

didn’t bring charger


New 3 ds XL design with the former generation product design style, but has changed in many ways, such as New keys and control, even familiar with our original parts position also made some adjustments. But this change does not necessarily is necessarily a bad thing, may bring a better user experience, may bring concrete operation all kinds of inconvenience. But on the whole, these small changes, whether you are a veteran or a rookie, will be very quickly.

as early as the first generation of 3 ds launched many players want to nintendo to increase the second simulation controller, this time the nintendo meet the requirements of a number of players. But due to the analog controller is too small, may be careless player will ignore it. But in the play “the Ultimate Monster Hunter, 4” or a new version of the Majora’s Mask 3 d, the role of the analog controller can not be ignored, it not only can be a very good control the camera, in terms of responsiveness and accuracy also have very good performance.

and on the back of new type trigger buttons for game developers to increase the development potential of the platform, the button position is also very easy to find, don’t worry about it will not run into the existing L and R. In addition, nintendo is to readjust the start button and select button, place it in the XYAB button below, this will be more convenient to operate. The volume slider is moved to 3 d on the other side of the screen, and the original position relative to the place, such adjustments to more reasonable, and the design is more beautiful than the old volume slider.

however, there are some changes but not very good. Stylus slot, for example, was at the side of the equipment, are now being designed in the side of the equipment, playing games is not too easy to reach. In addition, also have no specially used for receiving the wireless hardware switch, so, when the players used outdoors, equipment power will soon be finished.

sum up, although there may be some changes in the gild the lily, but the overall design and manipulation, with good players, and the new design on the whole, the sense that gives a person is also better. My old 3 ds XL let a person feel like a bargain, and I recently of edition of set limit to NES controller base with old equipment is not compatible, always all kinds of noise. In contrast, the New 3 ds XL to operate more precise, work and more sophisticated.

there is a new design and is not very good, that is memory card slot instead of SD card slot into a microSD card slot, the slot position also move under his battery back cover. Because the battery back cover is firmly fixed with two small screws, so if you want to remove the SD card you must use professional computer class with a screwdriver to open the back cover, it is clear that want to easily replace the SD card is unlikely. In addition, nintendo does not provide enough built-in storage capacity, because only 4 gb SD card itself, and the card support at best, only the capacity of 32 gb. To be honest, I don’t usually play two games at the same time, and unlimited download nintendo eShop support for the game, the storage space problem seems to be little impact.


in addition to the above mentioned New hardware control, the New 3 ds XL there is a New important function, glasses-free 3 d technology is improved. With the technology made its debut and built-in NFC, the technology can be compatible with the nintendo toy Amiibo new entities.

for now, the platform is not a game can support Amiibo, so it is not an important selling point, but the technology is nintendo’s future is to continue to support the development of technology, not only can be used on their own game, can also be used for the third party development equipment. In addition, although the software support is limited to a few games on the Wii U, but the market demand is very high. With New 3 ds, you can through the system menu for Amiibo toys to register, but truly enjoy to wait until after the upgrade (including 3 ds version of the Super Smash bros. 3 ds “upgrade).

the improved 3 d effect is very good, if really in the middle of the first generation of the 3 ds nintendo made some mistakes, the launch of this product is glasses-free 3 d experience more like research and development laboratory experiment. New 3 d effect on the 3 ds XL can neither semi-finished products, nor was a stunt, because when you head range over the track infrared emitter and the scope of work of cameras, need some time to create the 3 d effect. Of course, if you are at the head of the event, in the normal way is far better than expected, such as the first generation of the 3 ds is not good at playing games.

so to speak, when the end of last year I get a version of the 3 ds XL NES controller, the first thing I do is to open the 3 d slider, before that I never thought to open it from behind. A New 3 ds XL, I’ve been playing games under the maximum depth, never thought to go back to the previous mode.


in addition to the above 3 d performance significantly improved, the processing capacity of the New 3 ds XL also improved, so the game more fluid, operating speed is faster, in general is to recover from a power supply to the sleep, still got improved overall performance. Basic element aspect of the game, the New 3 ds XL is a very good game hardware, all improvements are not tinkering with dedicated host.

other performance include: improved battery life, battery life is slightly better than the former generation product (after the test, battery life is only increased by more than an hour, so did not surge); Because the new C – Stick and ZL/ZR keys, operation such as a web browser when such applications should be a lot easier; Under the environment of insufficient light, camera photo effect is also better than the previous generation products, of course, this isn’t anything worth said big said.