Established technology blog mobiles suddenly closed, what factors influence the development

note: hunting cloud blog mobiles, founded in 2006, technology was seen as the TC’s main rival, the industry has a large number of fans. But after a few years, the company suddenly announced that the closed, behind what’s going on? Can’t keep his lead to the site? Listen to the internal staff how to say? The following for tencent the full translation of science and technology:

on Monday, a widely respected science and technology news blog mobiles suddenly shut down. Looks from the outside, this site is very successful, it claims that the monthly visits to more than 6 million, more than 70 employees and their research platform. Last year, the founder Om Malik (Om Malik) announced that it would get the risk of investment funds to promote the growing of business – to use sharp, no gimmicks editorial content to attract readers to pay for exclusive survey and offline activities. However, there is speculation it is overly dependent on venture capital and rely on the wind investment gold for unrealistic expansion accelerated the collapse of the site.

this morning, I joined the mobiles senior contributor interviewed 2010 troops, Ingram (Mathew Ingram), my main problem involves some things about the company’s collapse, and the failure enlightenment to digital media and their influence on him. Ingram is responsible for the media reported the news, let him analysis make him look funny factors temporarily out of work.

here is the content of the interview:

q: Monday before any signs that it will happen?

a: no.

q: so you’re no knowledge?

a: yes. I guess most of the employees, too, until announced that we are also in writing. We did change the CEO (Michael Rolnick) recently, so I think we might think that companies need to make some changes in strategy — perhaps — but did not say to layoffs. Company did not say to cut spending, not austerity measures. We just get the phone on Monday afternoon said “waiting for the phone in an hour. Result the CEO say they want to close this website, I’m all out of work.

q: I find it hard to believe that no one see signs of what happened.

a: so do I. I think we know mobiles are facing funding pressure, but in a sense, we have been facing the pressure, so this is nothing new. When our new CEO talked about his plans for business development. He mentioned a challenge, but he does not make me feel the company on the brink of close the door to leave.

q: I think it’s really strange one reason is that mobiles seem ever did a good job. Other media should learn what lessons?

a: each person can learn from their own perspective. Search Engine Land’s Danny Sullivan (Danny Sullivan) talked about the media companies to accept the wind investment gold has any significance. It is just one aspect. Mobiles is not the same as other media startups, mobiles depend on investment in gold wind from the start. In some ways, the wind investment gold like golden handcuffs, this is a faustian bargain. You are making a commitment to the development of the company, and if that didn’t realize, venture investors will lose interest, then your company went bankrupt.

q: just now you said Danny Sullivan, think this is the result of using the wind investment gold, venture capital force you to get more faster than niche media readers, sometimes too fast. I want to ask you how do you evaluate the Sullivan?

a: Danny and others choose slowly development mode is to use the money in hand. That is a much more safe mode – there is no doubt about it. The only problem is that this way takes longer, and usually you do not.

you might ask, why don’t you use the money in hand, slowly development, the creation of a small free company, can let oneself, there may be more than a dozen employees, have a good? It is not very good? Well, some people just don’t want that. They want to create great cause. In order to do big business, you basically have to borrow just spend money. You have to paint the future blueprint, persuade people to give you money let you achieve a blueprint. You can say this is the hubris of what, but the world is like this.

I do think mobiles in an awkward position, we are not a small niche media, but it has small eyes. William ORR moss (Will Oremus) in his release in Slate mentioned this website’s blog post said, we focus on less attractive areas, such as green technology, the Internet of things, cloud hardware and so on, our knowledge in these areas is quite professional. But these areas will not bring you a large readership. So to some extent, we are too small to do like BuzzFeed, or Vox, or Vice of the scale of the great success, but we are too big, can’t be said Danny Sullivan, the kind of company. We’re caught in the middle.

q: this is very interesting, because you have said in your essay is a disadvantage of the digital media online site with a large number of almost identical, all want to be big, these sites include all of the news. But mobiles didn’t do that, you have a clearly defined scope of interest.

a: that’s a barbell effect: if you little super, super, super targeted, you may be successful. If you’re super huge, is developing very fast, you can succeed. But in the middle is a dead end. This is the valley of death. So, it can be said that we were in the valley of death.

in three or four years ago, we are still very striking, traffic reach 67 million per month. At that time we are market leader. But now, some web traffic reach tens of millions. We have not reached that level.

we bet is, edit comments, survey report and offline activities will become a virtuous cycle, promote each other, investigation report and offline activities is the way we profit from the readers, edit comment is that we win the reader’s way. I don’t think there is a problem of edit comment itself, the problem is the report of earnings below expectations and offline activities, support the mobiles so that the size of the company.

I still believe that the model is feasible. This pattern of feasible degree perhaps is not consistent with our financing scale, but I still think this is feasible.

q: where do you think is the if do some changes will change the outcome?

a: I can think of.

q: let’s turn to a lighter subject. In general, since you joined mobiles in 2010, the media in the process of transformation to the Web what kind of change?

a: seems since I joined mobiles, ten years have passed. When I left Toronto Globe company like mobiles blog though not ignored, but pure Numbers published online still faces many uncertainties. Then there is no BuzzFeed, Vox, without Verge, so, then this is a block of undeveloped areas. Since then the biggest change is that in addition to the big media companies, there are still some backward thinking everyone agree with this idea: the network is the future of the content, first of all, digital content. Even the New York times are talking about the digital is preferred. Five years ago, this is can’t imagine.

q: what work do you do in mobiles make you feel proud?

a: I’m the most proud of is to participate in building became a team of mobiles. When I just entered the company the company only 12 people, the writers are numbered. I remember we have a firm and editorial staff. I think to participate in the establishment, change and development of the company is the most let me proud. Even if the company finally failed, I still think we did some useful, meaningful, although only a short flash moment.

I think we do the best, the most different is that we are “interpretation”, we capture all of the story before and after the news, analysis and synthesis, combined with the background of the event, which is important and what is not important. We offer is “about an event you should know all things”. Personally, I think this is the most important piece of news, news is to do so.

q: how are you now?

a: after the news, there are a lot of people to contact me to give me work. Before the company collapse, I do have some work with a lot of people are talking about – it’s just a coincidence, not because I know the company is about to collapse. I probably say that I’m thinking about whether to go back to traditional forms of media, or continue to pursue a bit unrealistic purely digital.

q: do you have any more inclined to one direction? If you have a company, you affect the company’s various similar phenomena like experts, you will be interested in.

a: you may argue that if I were an expert, I should be able to see what had happened. But, yes, I am still on the development of media and is undergoing very interested. We only in the second round, from the end of the game is still a long way off.