Ericsson mobile phone market report: in 2020, the global smartphone users will break through 6.1 billion

hunting cloud network reported June 9

at present, the global number of smartphone users is 260 million, although the developed countries of the smartphone market development speed is slowing, but the growth of smartphone users did not stop. In 2020, the number of smartphone users will reach a tipping point: 6.1 billion. Then, will be more than the number of fixed-line users. These data are from Ericsson on the latest mobile phone market in the mobile report.

Ericsson said that 6.1 billion people use smart phone, which is means that five years later, 70% of the world’s population are using smart phones. These smart devices will become the main tool of our daily communication, the degree of our dependence on it more and more is also high.

in fact, the total number of mobile users will reach 9.2 billion in 2020; If you put iot, M2M (machine) – machine communication services, mobile broadband, even a small amount of feature phones are taken into consideration, five years later networking equipment number will reach 26 billion.

although new mobile services are constantly emerging, such as tablets, mobile device users is in constant growth, but smart phones are still dominant in the consumption of mobile data traffic. By 2020, the smartphone will account for 80% of mobile data traffic.

Ericsson in the report with a series of data to illustrate the results report, here are some interesting statistics and forecast:

in emerging markets is the growth of smartphone users area. Ericsson, the asia-pacific region, the Middle East and Africa in the next five years will be 80% of the new smart phone users, to continue its current growth trends. New smart phone users in the first quarter of this year, the top 5 were India, China, myanmar (in terms of the development of smart phones, myanmar is quite backward, it has only recently launched a similar to several mobile roaming), Indonesia and Japan. In the first quarter of 2015 new users of global smartphone is 108 million.

by the end of 2020, the smartphone will account for 80% of mobile data traffic. We often hear such a news: now most people have their own smart phones as the main computing devices. But it is really that simple? In fact, the development of mobile data traffic is in the middle, it is of explosive growth continues to grow up. Ericsson, is expected in the next five years, mobile data traffic will grow 10 times, the mobile data traffic will account for 45% in the Asia Pacific region

although the total amount of the largest mobile data traffic growth areas in Asia, but it doesn’t say in the rest of the growth space is small. Take a current example, USA/North America and Europe still ahead in using of each smartphone data traffic, because the local users will continue to use data traffic on smart phones consume large services, such as video.

video application in flow rate and the proportion of is from the current 45% to 60%. Ericsson is mentioned in the report OTT business (refers to the user via the Internet to provide various application service) provider YouTube and Netflix is the world’s most popular video website, the ability of its bandwidth to transmit data is also the strongest. Ericsson said, people must see an indisputable fact that cell phone video traffic growing at an annual rate of 55%. At present, only YouTube video site is 40% – 40% of the video flow. Ericsson found there is a very interesting phenomenon, streaming music ranks second in the mobile phone traffic. Although music streaming media has become more and more popular, but it can’t be more than video in data traffic, because many users prefer offline to listen to music. Social networking account for only 15% of mobile phone traffic.

and compared all kinds of application in the data flow, mobile Internet browsing data traffic is continues to decline. By 2020, it will be dropped from the current 10% to 5%.

a event also can rapid increase in the use of data traffic. Ericsson said that the 2014 World Cup football match is one of the “2014 social media event,” the event to let more people use smart phones to send information, call, and application in social communication. During the World Cup has produced 26.7 TB of traffic, the equivalent of 4.85 million digital photographs and consumed 450000 voice data traffic.

Ericsson said the size of the size of the mobile device to the use of the data traffic is also key. As we all know, the size of the screen to a certain extent also affects people’s consumption data traffic, because the screen size, different people choose the service mode is different also. For tablet PC users, the video is still a highly attractive service. The report of the results are surprising, because the tablet screen size is enough big, can provide a better user experience.

now, the function of mobile phone is more and more powerful. In terms of mobile phone use, SMS first in the United States, is the second voice calls.

however, when you take your smartphone all the service consumption data traffic into consideration, we can see that the user is the main groups of data traffic surges in North America. Ericsson said that in North America every smartphone monthly data traffic will grow from the current 2.4 GB to 14 in 2020 GB.

this is the main reason is that heavy users of the data. Ericsson said, “a heavy data users account for only 10% of the total, but they use data traffic accounted for the 55% of total flow. Heavy users of the data of the main consumption item is video, they watch the video about an hour, a day of data traffic consumption was almost 20 times the average user.”


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