Equity investment risk control how to do?

cloud network hunting note: jingdong equity the raised platform online and jingdong in 3 w do the gen maxed out my college news circle of friends, and would, of course, also the raise it to equity development play a strong role. So, what’s the difference between the equity raise with the angels, VC don’t? What is the risk raise stake in the? After the vote management is how to handle? In this paper, the author Jin Haitao some reading on these issues.

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the recent equity of raise in full swing, especially jingdong equity raise online and jingdong investment 3 w do all your college, but also directly set off this concept,

jingdong first to speed up the popularization of the concept of equity, education, the users of the equity investment industry development is good, the second jingdong this monster approach also accelerated the equity of the raised platform, no core advantage more difficult to get the user’s platform.

but equity the raise is very professional, not flow can dominate, equity and the raise really want to, I think, is to do the whole process of equity investment risk control, excellent team choose a relatively large scenes from the niche cut only the base, resources docking team after upgrade for successful project management is a more critical factor.

equity investment is actually a process of risk control, how to price risk, how to reduce the risk of each stage to improve the success rate is the key to win competition. Then the author from the equity investment at various stages to analyze and figure out how to do a good job in risk control. Any project mainly is the core factor is resources, funds, personnel, users, scene these aspects, just different stages different emphasis of risk control.

angel stage, into the critical resources, complete the cold start, so want to work with the best industrial capital, offline heavy Internet + era, with the offline resources and respect and understand the value of talent, it is very easy to organize graduated from 5 to 7 years of Internet elite team, it is easy to quickly scenario for the target user, and the financing nature is a natural thing.

Vc stage, mainly choose well-known Vc + industry capital investment, solve the problem of the number of users continue to develop market space. Team’s upgrade and supplement must be completed in a wheel, because didn’t have a lot of shares after basic b wheel can share is difficult to recruit and train the ability of both the major companies operating flow, and there was a small company can complete from 0 to 1 breakthrough business partner.
The risk control of the earliest after B wheel or financial vc industry and capital docking speed and valuation, efficiency is the core. May B wheel is well-known fund and GP, C theory is more LP direct investment.

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