Envelop: for audio enthusiasts club in the home

hunting cloud network reported on June 7, tell us how the open source framework, they can in as little as 15 minutes a church had never heard of Envelop artist flexible to use it. This means that even if you can’t experience this feeling once in San Francisco, you also can benefit from its innovation on the hearing, and the innovation is by Facebook’s first data division Roddy Lindsay.

Lindsay told us “if you’re a player and you are using Ableton Live place of composing, rail (note: cloud network editor king hunting Ableton Live is Ableton company production of a professional sequencer,) you can track in any position, and then applied to the space effect of music.” The idea is to let the artist can to design the space effect of the sound, and let it as time is committed to creating implement it influence more people with the increase of target.

in order to enrich the Envelop this audio media not only high cold to provide service for artists, but can reach more people. Envelop developed into artistry and practicality as its scientific applications. They plan to invasive audio sense experiment, to test whether it is good for treatment or stimulate the brain chemistry.

some academic research institutions, like Stanford university computer center for music and acoustic research devised a unique three-dimensional reverberation music space, but if can Envelop in Kickstarter get enough financing, it can be the dusty in the ivory tower technology found in the world, make more people can have the opportunity to enjoy the auditory feast.


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