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recently, Uber seems to be in the past, people mixed on it, but I want to emphasize is: I like Uber.

I clearly remember I first fell in love with Uber is on September 28, 2010, when I use the Uber service, mobile map shows a small green dot, it means my position. Then I can see on the map represent the car icon to move my little green dots. From then on, I know I will always be with the taxi, car service at the airport and downtown San Francisco parking attendant say goodbye.

how to describe Uber popularity around the world? Because hundreds of thousands of users like the service, Uber even has become a verb. As much as $40 billion in market value, has became synonymous with a sense of Uber, such as people would put some areas of on-demand mobile services (ODMS) -to called “Uber” in the field of XXX. Seem to be any can provide by smart phone booking, physical delivery, virtual transmission line service startup can be Uber – best in this field.

some of these leaders will grow into a giant global Internet brand, occupy a larger market share and market value will be higher than even those who want to innovative offline rivals. More likely, however, is their only very small influence on the industry, the service is a limited market.

I really have a transformative to which market or which company has its own set of methods, this method is very simple, you just need to see what they have to offer services, as long as the vast majority of users dissatisfied with the existing service providers, then the service will have a real transformative. However, many services are now more or less the availability, quality, transparency and pricing issues, although this bad for consumers, but for entrepreneurs and investors is a lucky thing.

of course, not all of these problems are difficult to accept, because people may accept a massage or in a yoga class, but not necessarily can accept the decoration encountered problems or personal selling used cars. Because people use frequency is different for different services, will make use of service as the impulse of their habits rather than a one-time, so this also let us have more power to solve everyday problems, rather than only occasionally encountered problems.

to clear up after the type we need to solve the problem, here let’s think about how to make good use of on-demand mobile service smartphone technology, the network effect, scale economy, big data and tools in crowdsourcing and technology entrepreneurs to create a real user satisfaction, can greatly improve the user experience of service.

it is clear that this is the most difficult place.

in general it is hard to continue to provide high quality service, and some of the services is inherently challenging, such as furniture or car repair maintenance, the nature of these two services is diagnosis and repair of consumer confusion, or worry about the actual problem.

although “on-demand mobile services can repair the scattered service industry” that argument is a motivational, but want to completely solve the problem may need to advance step by step. And it is the current standard of service level and redefine by ODMS could level the gap formed between created for us a chance to create great cause.

how on-demand mobile services to create customer satisfaction to compete with offline rivals?

real-time and reliability

most by ODMS could stunt is the smart phone as a remote control in their lives, users only need to press the button, the corresponding by ODMS could will continuous service as much as possible as soon as possible. Uber is to use the local network effects between the driver and passengers, invested heavily in science and artificial intelligence simulation data for the research and development, to ensure that the passengers’ waiting time as much as possible to shorten and the driver is to survive as possible in order to maximize revenue. I think this is the reason why we like Uber, after all, waiting for a long time will erase all our patience.

another example of instant gratification is Doctor on Demand. The service allows users through smartphone video communication with practitioners, so users do not need to wait days or even for ordinary medical demand in recent weeks, doctor’s appointments, also need not go to night clinic or emergency room. Of course, if you have severe chest pain or bleeding, the service must be unable to use. But we have encountered a lot of time, minor illness is completely unnecessary to clinic, only need to use the DoD service, not only very convenient and only a third of the price. This advantage is very attractive, many employers take DoD service as employee benefits.

for most cannot offer in the form of a virtual service (such as Doctor on Demand service), a city a city’s expansion model not only money is also very time-consuming. They need a basic money to recruitment and training staff, through marketing to win the user base, and ensure the quality of service.

if the service can make a revolutionary breakthrough, so soon you will be able to obtain high growth rate, and then you will attract more investment, which can realize like Uber, growing company’s global expansion strategy.

for many is gradually improved by ODMS could improve the traditional service pattern, geographic expansion might not like what is said above those services quickly, but also is likely to break through the geographical limitations, popular in America. This is not necessarily a bad thing, because a lot of slow development of the company eventually became the most advanced areas such technology enterprises.

personally, we still like Purple Tie such dry cleaning home delivery service. Purple Tie at first powered by venture capital, want online in the U.S. with dry cleaning service, but failed, has finally been self-made CleanSleeves acquisition (the company seems to like Purple Tie the name).

15 years later, the Purple Tie.com in San Mateo and San Jose value only love you of the bay area to provide services, business development seems to have also is very healthy, but not at the beginning of the already, perhaps a new generation with the dry cleaning by ODMS could express startups than CleanSleeves go farther, remains to be seen. If they did, I think it is because they find a way to how to create higher customer satisfaction, not just provide a mobile application on order and efficient delivery service. My wife recently is very want to try for Wash. IO service, but she will not meet in a cheaper shake when dry cleaning service? I think it depends on for Wash. IO could this commodity services into a relatively experience with real genetic diversity.


makes it difficult to create a service-oriented businesses, because they rely more on customer service rather than a computer program. To know the staff management (especially independent contractor workers rather than full-time employees) more than the implementation of a computer program variables. Any of the core elements of by ODMS could include employee recruitment, selection, training and management, and screening process including background checks, license verification, detailed application form and interview.

most services are rely on users to service providers to score, and service providers will be eliminated below the required score, it’s a very high threshold. Doctor on Demand service in every time before virtual shift, will check lighting, sound, and the Doctor’s appearance. And services like Red Beacon may even offer a satisfaction guarantee to the completed task.

actually, service quality also depends on the user’s personal preference. For example, although like Homejoy household cleaning service satisfaction can reach 9/10, but to make the cleaning is very picky customer satisfaction is very difficult. To do good quality, not just solve the problem, but also have some necessary methods to let the user satisfaction.

Good dense Eggs, for example, will give just use the service users random once or twice a food service free of charge. When the user become regulars, this will no longer supply free food service, but due to its high quality, friendly service and similar to the handwritten label intimacy can keep users loyalty, and so on. In general, there is no shortcut to the road to success, only continue to provide quality service will remain profitable, rather than junk mobile applications.

Price of

compared with the traditional enterprise, using the technology of services through digital channels, high viral marketing and brand exposure for user and gather requirements are much more efficient, get rid of the value chain of the intermediate links. In addition, by ODMS could than offline counterparts can save a lot of space and equipment costs. Seem to save money to weight the most benefit to consumers is to obtain the trial, achieve rapid growth, and to attract repeat customers the most sensible way.

BloomThat is a flower and gift delivery service, in the selection of goods and do a very good offer on the same day service, while its price advantage is far better than that of 1-800 – FLOWERS. Savings also significantly improved their daily gift service frequency, and is not limited to the mother’s day, valentine’s day this traditional festival. For price sensitive industries, pricing schemes will contain advanced and super premium services, such as Uber Black and Uber Lux. But the mass market will not ignore the high-quality service, especially through new media to try a new service.

from a long-term perspective, people want to be able to use enough technology to form a certain scale economy, get rid of the intermediate links by ODMS could allow you to become in the industry have high profits low-cost provider, rather than those who are willing to indefinitely subsidies losses of the company.


I would like to use UberX services in one of the most attractive places, is to pay without cash or credit card.

by DoorDash and Seamless service when the order also need not with room personnel to check. For this emerging on-demand mobile services, consumers seem to be directly by default the seamless payment.

this payment method can solve the problem of similar staff contact with cash, credit card Numbers, user default and staff to pull living problems. But it also has some problems, such as the high fees low amount between credit card consumption, will greatly affect the profits. And the need for field estimation of single services such as home renovation may not be suitable for such payment. However, as time goes on, we will see most by ODMS could use background processing of payment.

so, whether each service industry will appear like Uber company? The answer is yes, but like Uber has dominated the world and has very high value is hard. Because some of the service industry is not very important in our daily life, services and other industry faces challenge problem is much more difficult, need to spend a lot of time to see results.

in the B2B market frenzy in the 1990 s we can see that the consumer service sector have been on a large scale test, the situation will continue. But with the development of this trend, the traditional offline service enterprises will be forced to raise their service level, to deepen the understanding of technology and application. So, although the winner like Uber rare, but still there will be many small by ODMS could achieve a certain degree of success, but the biggest winner will be the consumers themselves.

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