Entrepreneurship: how do harder than hard things – talent management

note: hunting cloud startups from team building, training, promotion, is closely related to people all the time, and entrepreneurs the most headaches, how better to hire the right people, how to effectively training? How to cut? How to more effective management, the founder of Andreessen Horowitz, Ben Horowitz, the recently published “entrepreneurial difficult: how to do harder than hard things, the author gives a part of the answer, for reference, content from dark horse I:

team together: how to hire

1 , don’t use the thinking of the technical team to form a sales team

this is the most common mistake technology pioneers. Sales staff and engineers is completely two kinds of people, to recruit sales staff, using the method of hiring engineers don’t have good results.

interview method different from: hiring technical personnel, usually thrown to them to solve the problem (for example, sometimes need to let him to write a small piece of code). In the field of sales, however, things exactly the opposite. If you throw a sales problem, basically all to fish in troubled waters, bragging about their can be difficult to sell the goods sold. Pass is the most important technical talents, technology; And for the sales staff, personality is the key.

to personnel background different considerations: big company jump out to the engineer, of course, employees are more attractive than small companies, because only those people with best technology to work into the giants like Google, and Google can give them the first-class training requirements and high standards. Instead, to be able to Google Ads so cow force of sales staff, products sold is not than the company’s sales personnel. If you come from a bad company, but his sales performance is very good, can judge the man must be very good.

Decision-making of

error cost : to form a technical team must step by step to slowly, because any technical decision-making mistakes may cause enormous losses, and delay the production efficiency, late because after may also need to constantly error correction and cause huge waste of time. When, however, to form a sales team, but not so much time go slowly. Compared to the independence of the sales staff and technical staff better, recruitment blunder may affect the work efficiency, but not how that could have long-term negative effects.

2 , choose candidates, to see his good points, not whether he is no shortcomings

when executive recruiter, is often hard to agree. We will come up with a variety of opposition, not because his ability is insufficient, but because of him too many disadvantages: graduated from the university of third-rate, don’t look like a director, not authoritative voice… But you must understand that you are in a position to look for a suitable candidate, a general can lead the team to kill, not perfection of mediocrity.
3 , should recruit veteran

why appointing senior personage? The answer is simple: time. Establish tech company, means that you began racing against time since then. No startup tech companies can get rid of products “shelf life” the spell. Great ideas have expired again would be worthless. If zuckerberg on one week before the line, that his Facebook will go? “Netscape” browser if launched six months later, with 37 other companies will have to share. People who had relevant experience can accelerate the process of success.

but the CEO, don’t careless. hired veteran join’s start-ups, a bit like the athletes in order to improve the results of the competition doping. If used properly, you may record; If use undeserved, you will lose.

after the veteran join, must pay attention to the points: 1, asking them to comply with the company’s corporate culture, does not simply retreat because someone older. 2, to establish a clear high standard requirements, not only satisfied with each other more than you are qualified for this job, because you hire them to let them do the things you are not good at. 3, they should not only complete the task, also good at working with people, become a part of the team.

4 , can from poaching in the company of good friends?

“friends” here refers to that 1) the important business partners, 2) a friend. Most ceos would never poaching from friends company. Even if the worker is take the initiative to find you, don’t feel like “anyway, they are also looking for a new job, what are they hiring”. Main think: if your husband left you, you want your best friend dating with him? He will date with other women, so don’t let your friend get his bad? Seemingly logical no problem, but that is not the case, you will lose a friend.

remember: unless the employee is extremely good, or you don’t put them at the company anyway. Company hiring must recruit top talent from friends, or you just added a few mediocrity.

troubled: when layoffs method will determine your future destiny of the company

5 , how to cut

Opsware several times on the verge of bankruptcy, we’ve gone through three large-scale layoffs, laid off 400 employees, but still from bankruptcy wall become the winner of the $1.6 billion. It is against the law of the vc industry. Redundancy method is the key.
once decided to layoffs, must be carried out as soon as possible. If leakage, will bring about troubles, trouble. Employees will challenge managers, the company whether to layoffs. If managers don’t informed, employees will think him stupid. If people, either he had to lie to employees, and make the news leaked, further or remain silent, make people more angry.
what do you want to understand, cuts the real reason is the company’s poor performance . You passed to be made redundant information should not be “your work performance is not good,” but rather “poor management of the company, in order to continue to develop, we have to bite the bullet to quit some excellent employee”. Admit defeat seems not a big deal, but please believe me, this is actually quite amazing.
your own staff must manager personally fired , but not like in the movie “up in the air” hire an outsourcing company to layoffs. People won’t remember their effectiveness in the company of every day, but they’ll remember you will be the day they drive off. They will remember every detail of the day, these very important details.
The CEO must address the company personnel. words are said to those who stay. these people will be very concerned about the way you treat their colleagues. You lay off employees, there are a lot of people and to stay close, therefore, you must give them enough respect. After all, the company will move forward, so you have to grasp the scale, don’t apologize.

6 , how to cut executive

the first thing to understand, firing executives, not because he is very poor, but you are very poor, is the integration of company or system out of the question. So, the first step in the correct firing executives, is to figure out why I to the company for wrong. Do you clear positioning the duties of the executive? Partial small temple called the big monk? His personal goal conflicts with company goals?

in the face of the board of directors, the best individual notification by phone first, rather than at a board meeting announced by surprise. In the notification by firing, deal with three key points: 1, must be able to articulate why you want to dismiss them. 2 be decisive, talk, words with “I have decided to” rather than “I think”. 3, compensation scheme. 4, how the company announced the dismissal of the executive, was fired let themselves to decide. “You can’t keep his job, but you can at least let him keep his own dignity.”

the company announced the news of the order is: 1, the executive’s direct reports, because they most affected, to make sure that you have been working on their subsequent deployment; 2, other executives; 3, other employees. All this should be on the same day, best done in an hour or two.

how to carry out staff training

7 , too busy to no time for staff training, like very hungry and no strength to eat

many companies believe that their employees are very clever, don’t need training, or training time cost is too high. It’s stupid. During the period of netscape, a period staff turnover is very high. After exclusion of economic factors, I find hot resignation for two reasons: 1, they hate their own managers, a lack of guidance, career development prospects uncertain, receive more feedback is negative, the other employees fear these factors; 2, learn things, the company did not invest their resources, to help employees learn new skills. And good training programs can directly solve the two problems.

managers should personally to do the training. Even if you don’t have time to teaching all subjects, on management expected class should also be up to you to, and then choose the best in the team of managers to teach other courses.

about CEO tube of


, don’t blindly positive lies, CEO must be honest

nobody’s fool. When employees have seen that the world is not as good as you describe, but still have to listen to you in the company at the conference said that “a good situation, such as” boring of hot air, so virtually lost trust. And especially in the startup, the staff is very important for the trust of the CEO. Otherwise, you have spoken to the skies are useless, because they don’t believe what you said is true.

business Opsware, we lost countless deals in the competition, I convened a staff meeting, to be honest to them, tell the staff, we are be blow up flustered, if not bleeding quickly, we will die. At that time, no one to hold you back. Team solidarity, successfully developed a product, to save the dying of the company.

9 and healthy enterprise culture encourages employees openly bad news

is only allowed to freely and openly discussed problem, company can quickly solve the problem. In an attempt to cover up problems will only make all staff feel frustrated. CEO should, therefore, way is: to create a culture that rewards, rather than punish culture, for those who are open to ask questions and to find a solution for its reward.

some of these rules, used to we as the management of the golden rule, but it may actually be to prevent the free flow of information within the company. “, for example, if come up with solutions, don’t give me the problem report.” If there is a big problem, the staff can’t solve? If there is an engineer of a product marketing is a major defect, he should do? Do you really want him to this problem will be buried in the heart?

10 , “ good company” and “bad company” the difference between

in the company of “good”, employees can concentrate on my work, believe that as long as a good job, firms and their personal benefit. In this work can be truly happy in the company. Each morning opened his eyes will know that their work efficient and useful, will cause changes in the company and yourself. Both in which they work, motivation and satisfaction.

in “bad company”, people will spends a lot of time to defend company interests, imperfect stop infighting and improving the working process of the above. They don’t even know what his job is, so it is impossible to know whether they have finished the work. Ridiculous, even if they use a very long time to finish the work, but don’t know the company or what it means to their own career. More unfortunately, when they finally get up the courage to tell managers how bad the situation, the managers will deny the existence of the problem first, then defending the status quo, then the question aside.