Entrepreneurs, please stay away from these five investors

the author: qin (WeChat ID: q1111884)

there are often many micro friends ask me, looking for a venture investors should pay attention to what? Qin gang actually playing Internet is over ten years, the contact of investors also calculate many, many friends around you also are basically starts with risk investment company.

so I also calculate the risk of investors to China is a little understanding of yourself.

venture capitalists generally give people in China are cattle feeling, feel is the god of wealth.

actually risk most of investors’ money is not their own, are also in their financing, on their household jargon, LP.

but because of various kinds of media, let everybody feel vc is the god of wealth, so also gradually spoiled these investors.

today, qin gang, a simple say I most despise 5 kinds of venture investors, I would also suggest that entrepreneurs from the 5 kinds of investors.

1. Kickbacks venture capitalists:

yes, you have no wrong, some venture capitalists will take kickbacks.

as I said earlier, in fact investors to invest money, not their own, are they on LP to the money they invest.

so some investors will take kickbacks, and I know that there are investors invest millions of dollars, and entrepreneurs say first, money one to account, you give me 100000 dollars first.

these investors must stay away from.

hands because it is not clean.

2. Investors holding too high:

some investors when entrepreneurs urgent capital strength, general requirements more than 50% of the shares. Then in the subsequent nor willing to quit with suitable price, again is not willing to invest. Even the company’s financial control, let entrepreneurs don’t clear the company’s financial condition, when need financing, entrepreneurs are not clear.

so angel investors or what investors, as long as the requirements of more than 50% share, entrepreneurs don’t have to consider and cooperate with them.

3. Can not see, only to spies for the competition:

this kind of chicken thieves venture investors, said that your project is good on the surface, and then keep asking you all kinds of detailed data, operational details, who is the core company personnel, and various financial statements, and so on. Is, in fact, he had invested in similar company with you, or he is going to invest in your competitors.

if you leave a mind’s eye, and tell them everything.

in the end they will give you everything to touch a upside down, then hands tell your competition, but also give away your company all the core staff.

if entrepreneurs to run into so of investors, I suggest should be on the Internet, batch smelly them, don’t let other entrepreneurs and the investors.

4. Strong controlling investors:

many investors like the entrepreneurs to the company’s internal affairs, think oneself what all understand.

many of these investors company didn’t do it, to do as soon as she graduated.

say offensive point, is a eunuch, then all day to guide entrepreneurs how to fall in love, how to have sex.

don’t you feel funny?

a lot of investors have a desire to control, the entrepreneur if didn’t give him a few days, report about the company, he will feel uncomfortable.

so this kind of control is extremely strong investors typically like embedded in their own people in the company, and install more than one, placed several, also undermine each other. Companies should not too big problem, but so let your internal friction constantly, then gradually overhead entrepreneurs. Finally, the company make dead a lot.

this class has a strong controlling investors away from the best, don’t ever cooperation with them.

5. Dishonest investors:

some investors are very dishonest, promised to the founders of the company, finally, a variety of reasons, for entrepreneurs to leave, then force you to sell cheap, or the last is not fulfilled.

this kind of investors may be able to earn some money, and his black.

but generally business circle is small, ask more, if you have such investors don’t work with them.

simple thought of these, if you are entrepreneurs and complement, welcome to leave a message to me.

actually good vc has a commonality: help not messed up, investors hope that every entrepreneur can find cooperation.