Entrepreneurial skills: how to use social media to “alliance”?

hunting cloud network (note: if you observe it’s not hard to find, you recently a lot of new friends are known on the social networking platform. So the question becomes: how to manage your online networking? What can you get from online to make the relationship of meaningful information? After reading this article you will be suddenly enlightened.

this morning, I sat in the basketball court, waiting for my son at the beginning of the game of basketball, I browse all unread email first, then brush up Twitter, then on Twitter to see Marshall Kirkpatick send a tweet.

(do a little test: open your Twitter page, and turn to appear on the first tweet, think about what you think others published opinions, then don’t hesitate to respond to that message. Test conclusion: see response, communication is so simple.

Marshall has been in my heart is business partner, can you tell I want to go to a piece of love as much as I do with science and technology, is a person I respect and like. But now my heart there is a small problem: to be honest I really don’t remember my face to face and Marshall had seen several times. I know, he is through online communication since then we have to communicate by telephone business information.

this friendship is built on the Internet. I think again, I found that so far this year, five to seven years before I have had some of the best friends are mostly in the understanding of the Internet, rather than in real life. Brad Feld, Fred Wilson or Tristan Walker, and lots and lots of other friends. In some of these people I’m through under my own blog or others blog comments and understanding, and some are on Twitter.

Marshall tweets is obviously looking forward to your reply, so I would be on the hook, under his page replied: “every time I found that people don’t usually willing to interactive communication will feel very surprised.” After all, I made so many good friends on the Internet.

Shafqat Islam to release the comment more reminds me of how I know these like-minded friends online:

(and I first know you two are on Twitter, or in the blog comments, this but we really met several years ago!)

he said too right. I know Shafqat because he read my blog first, then in a New York trip he was introduced to I know. He has a very infectious warm and friendly, we quickly became good friends. Within recent years we met several cocktail party. He also belongs to a member of the one on the list in my heart, it in the list who are very capable person, I wish I could more know them early, so that you can in the first round of investment when they join. It’s a pity that we’re finally through NextCo sales company (information technology) to know when is late.

appropriate and effective way to communicate with people on the Internet is a skill. You want to show enough respect, also want to say some more content and not empty words, besides must also be controlled “friendly comment” and “too intrusive comment” balance.

use opportunely blog comments

would like to become one the like-minded net friends on the net? The best way is to use blog. If they are not the kind of person who will read blog comments below, that they may not be used to build relationships on the Internet. Most people I know often write blogs usually read all the comments again, so I suggest that when leave comments to lean, unless you have something to say about this topic particular, want to use comments to make the article more revealing.

the article comments received sent out within a week I will read it again (if more than a week after leaving comments I might won’t note it). I try to reply to others’ comments, but also can’t back to every one. But time is long, a few years down several names often appear in the comments section, I did not recognize their face can also recognize their names. If the Cookie Marenco or Phil Sugar on what activities pulled me aside to talk, I’m sure is not recognize their face, but I immediately after hearing their name and they talked cordially. I feel I seem to have known them for many years. As a friend and such as Fake, Grimlock or Startup Jackson.

don’t let the intention to become too obvious

sometimes you don’t know some people, you need to interact with them because you want to start a conversation or you don’t want to let a person feel not polite. Dialogue after some people will directly add my friends on Facebook, from a profile began to recommend me to investment company. I don’t recommend that tries on the bow. Before doing so, you have to let others know your name, and use opportunely interact to increase the friendship between the two.

see Twitter reply is a comb networking tips

I like on Twitter and interaction. This is a good platform to make new friends, and I don’t have to say 20 minutes per person is needed to enhance friendship. You can see who often reply who tweets to gauge who and who is cooked. The process is full of fun.

I also remember earlier on Twitter, there are often some celebrity hair after never reply to any other comments. I don’t agree with this kind of behavior. Twitter is a nearly removed all communication barriers of communication platform, its role is to enable you to direct dialogue with people who want to meet you or someone you want to know.

just like blog, also some people on Twitter would have been under the page of my comments, so I saw the name I feel I know them. But there are those who begin business intentions clear, or just pretend to be friends and I’m the iron or something like that. I strongly resist such behavior. Do you want to play a funny no problem, but I suggest you’d better talk to simple, unless you have received a good response or you’re in a heated conversation, or you don’t a person there. Often find some interesting tweets to reply, but don’t specifically to respond to everyone. These skills is an art, but as long as you speak after the brain, basically don’t enthusiasm to frighten others.

don’t forcefully to join you are not familiar with the dialogue of the crowd

in the comings and goings of Twitter conversation I saw David empresa interesting comments: a response to the Marshall

(you said it is not a bit like try to squeeze into a conversation going? As I do now.

I think it is very suitable comments belong to, because Marshall is a question to the public, so for me to do review comment is only natural. But sometimes you can see on Twitter, Marc Andreessen, Hunter Walk and Semil Shah is discussing a topic. If you are one of them don’t know, just to squeeze into together chat is very strange, or try to reply to read or copy them also is a kind of insincere behavior. There are a lot of people will do that, but it seems to me that this is not as good.

this is I think Twitter someday a problem need to be modified. How can make the dialogue more closed to talk but to allow others to see meaningful results? By a public conversations on Twitter to see is a amazing thing, but because the Twitter tool inadequate and try to crack down on this phenomenon.

intentionally or unintentionally to a

build relationships on the Internet is a war for a long time. Don’t think about attention on your comments for the first time. Review one or two sentences, you can walk to a tweet, then see what do you want to say. But should pay attention to is never kept a reply. In a blog post you may be able to review more often, but on Twitter it unless you and the users have been very well it is best not to have been comments.

chat well nor how much friendship

when I was in the meeting can hear someone say: “I had a lot of comments on your blog.” I can sometimes recognize their user name, so I also like this way of dating. On Twitter, I also have communication for a long time in the Internet, I can recognize the name. But now people often came up and I say: “hi, I am so-and-so, you sent me about comments on Twitter.” That’s weird, I respond to too many people on Twitter tweets. This is a very meaningful things, I usually opens at people’s home page and then look at their profiles to obtain basic information, so I recommend to regularly update their own profile. But unless I often go to your home page to view over the years, otherwise I really hard to remember every I response of Twitter users.

relations to find ways to advance step


the only exist in the online friendship is very important one step further. Such an opportunity may exist in a meeting or two common friend to arrange an appointment. A face-to-face communication is very important, because the future online communication is built on the basis of both of them know more about each other. You don’t need to be in a meeting have to stick a person talk about 45 minutes, but talking face to face can make the relationship go further, this is a subtle twist but a long time to build a long friendship and trust.

celebrities should also do more interactive

there are a lot of a lot of very famous actors, musicians, venture capitalists, blogger, or politicians, on Twitter, become one and all. This is the charm of Twitter. But I often see some people in my circle only Twitter to promote their work, seldom communicate with everybody, or reply to someone they know only the comments. I don’t think to do so is wrong, but if you want to use online resources as you can’t do this. I don’t talk big, each social media analysis platform that I have ever seen or video platform summed up data will conclude that often but don’t like to respond to the users of others in a news release will be a disadvantage. By contrast those actively respond to the comments after the user in a news release is usually received a warm response, concern his men also will more and more. So do interact much more positive response, like famous musicians Gary V, middle-aged still vitality.

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