Entered are vc popular Indian glasses Lenskart electric business

cloud network hunting note: a third of indians need vision correction, including 15 million patients with eye diseases and 2 million children, the blind vision industry in India is definitely a broad market. Today, the rapid growth of India’s electricity Lenskart won the 1.3 billion rupees of financing, it will speed up the pace of expansion.

India glasses industry online retailer has announced in C round won the 1.3 billion Indian rupees (about 120 million yuan). In private investment firm TPG Growth, under the auspices of the Hong Kong capital and TR once investment Lenskart IDG capital together to participate in this round of financing.

Lenskart in 2010 by former Microsoft products via Bansal and his friend Amit Chaudhary, rags-to-riches Kapahi set up together. This appliance merchant provide Rayban including popular brands for Indian consumers, Oakley, Tag Heuer and Fastrack a series of glasses and sunglasses.

they provide private custom service to consumer choice in their habits of glasses, also promises to 14 day unconditional refund and one year warranty policy.

Lenskart as glasses industry, furniture industry of Urban Ladder and jewelry Bluestone such niche type electricity is India more and more popular, more and more people tend to through the network for consumption. Except electricity rich unique convenience and choice, another attracts consumers in India it thoroughly remoulds itself is they constantly offer discount.

like Urban and Bluestone Ladder, Lenskart also claim that the price of their product is much cheaper than offline stores. Co-founder and CEO Peyush Bansal explained: “intermediary link of the omit means that we can reduce the price at the same time get the income benefit of a good, in fact, we nearly 70% cheaper than entity shop offer.”

combination of online and offline sales mode

for those who insist on old-style “try before they buy” customers, Lenskart offers a door-to-door service. Choose this service, an optometrist will visit customer, he will provide optometry service and carry more than 200 lens to choose from and trial. After consumers choose, he will wrap up a online orders, according to the result of diagnosis is responsible for the eye to provide the best experience. This service is currently only in including bangalore, mumbai, Delhi, seven cities are available. Lenskart claimed that they provide more than 300 times a day the door optometry.

at present, Lenskart in more than 450 Indian cities with their delivery service. More than 60% of consumption from from the big stores on the medium and small cities. In these cities is often called a “Click & amp; Mortar “chain, consumers tend to order the optometry and glasses here, at the same time, a large number of after-sales service also by C& M in charge. At the same time, a lot of work with Lenskart eye doctors in their network platform for patients to order glasses.

this unique online with offline mode for Lenskart created considerable economic benefit. , according to the Bansal Lenskart profit every year in the past two years have reached more than 200% growth, but he gave no specific data. Lenskart currently owns a team of employees 150 people. In October 2011 they received $4 million from IDG capital investment, in February 2013 from Unilazer received $10 million of capital investment.

Bansal said: won money for this round, we can hire the best people and provide them with the best environment, to develop innovative thinking high comprehensive glasses market in India.

has four company serial entrepreneur

Bansal business from 2007, a real-time classification of campus portal Searchmycmpus began. The software design is designed to help college students to find suitable cheap accommodation, textbooks, tutoring, food and so on.

Searchmycampus has attracted special attention. Founded in 2008, Bansal Valyoo technology. This is a company operates multiple single class web portal. Start Lenskart project from November 2010, it’s the star of Valyoo platform project. Valyoo platform at the same time also has WatchKart, JewelsKart and BagsKart projects, like write the name of the project such as the, WatchKart sell table, JewelsKart selling jewelry, BagsKart sell bags.

final Bansal and his team decided to focus on Lenskart rather than rushing to expand new business “India is the largest number of people suffering from eye diseases in the world, a third of the population in our country the need for vision correction, however, is only 25% of the patients have the right treatment and help.” Bansal said.

according to the data: one-third of the blind, that is, 15 million patients with eye diseases are indians. Every year, 3 million people in India can produce cataract. At the same time, India has 2 million blind children, of which only 5% received education.

Bansal expectation through Lenskart project development to change the depressing state of affairs.