Enjoy: 30 seconds short to share music, music edition sets


are you a music talent, how effectively and quickly find their favorite music? In addition to “similar”, “might like these vague recommendation feature, this only capture music climax” enjoy “30 seconds, can’t more intimately. Cloud network with everybody to know about the hunting.

the discovery of traditional music way including the share of social networks, this way is too scattered, relatively concentrated in the music player, massive library and always lets a person carry presbyopia, new songs every day a dime a dozen, and classic oldies accumulated illuminating as heavenly galaxy. How can you find a favorite that several? Recall that for unfamiliar songs, users of the most common action is: manually drag and drop to the climax. So, enjoy to do, is to put a song the climactic 30 seconds displayed directly, impress you. Don’t like to slide, automatically play the song, like collection, click on the album cover can also listen to complete the song.

currently, e njoy temporarily only supports the sina weibo user login, users to share songs dynamically in the main interface, will be in accordance with the time (latest) and the number of thumb up two dimensions (hot). The first will be the default automatic playback, stop automatically after 30 seconds. Song a little praise and comment below two options, the software is intentionally social concept, temporarily can’t directly to chat, each other when fans. Enjoy, in addition to the user to share their favorite music, also can match on their favorite picture, add a paragraph describing his story and comprehension.

tell hunting cloud network team, enjoy want to do music social, based on the mobile Internet music fragmentation, sets of similar music edition. Now other music software is a tool, a cold player. But music is the most important is emotional, enjoy want to through social, emotional expression and the music people passed out!

“enjoy late user base to achieve a certain amount of time, can increase the upload music and musicians, and other functions, let more and more musicians to join enjoy!” So it can be seen that it wants to go to eat some of the sound of music of the big market. We are happy to adhere to the attitude of respect for music copyright, see more musicians to pick up the creation of desire, in enjoy platform, they can only release new songs for 30 seconds for publicity, the full version to appropriate fees.

enjoy the team aspect, at present only five people. Enjoy, founder of the authors, as well as the product owner, once in the pull hook nets, nice as a product manager in a company as mobile music served as director of the product. Dean said, haven’t enjoy in the precondition of promoting, spread by word of mouth of users has passed, now only the iOS version. Recently, they are looking for angel investment.

About product advice:

30 seconds is enjoy, characteristics. Climax but each song has long have short, sometimes to an abrupt end simply let virgo crazy, can let users appropriately within the scope of the up and down for 5 seconds to adjust to share. Secondly, after the intercept fragment, if can generate simultaneously within the segment of the lyrics, is shown in the pictures below, in the form of the watermark is more intimate.