Encounter weekend: stranger interest social platform, about this weekend?

(text/Tan Ziling)

in late march, wuhan university, huazhong normal university and nearly one thousand people signed up for travel together watching movies, with nearly 200 people travel together successfully, watched by the organization of the encounter weekend make a block booking. Encounter weekend is a predominantly undergraduate scenario-based stranger interested in social software, through the “about” and “weekend” about two plates, coupled with the user avatar picture sliding pair, can create a good social environment for the user.

encounter weekend is Milky Way boehner’s products of science and technology, the company members are from wuhan university, founder Chen Yilong is GPS research center, wuhan university graduate, has to be included in the wuhan optical valley 3551 talent program and the first pioneers; The company’s strong technical director Yao Hua Microsoft innovation cup won the second prize in 2008, is now responsible for the company’s product development ideas and progress; Chief operating officer Chen Yihao is the dark horse contest winner of honor outstanding projects, mainly responsible for market operation and promotion in the team. At present, the team members have 15 people, research and development personnel 12 people, research and development personnel have more than 5 years experience in development.

“we team had developed two social applications, one is based on dynamic interest, in order to realize the dynamic interest for the purpose of social software to find you play, the application now has nearly four hundred thousand users; Another product is’ encounter weekend. Both products of the main line, the main is to want to pull the online users to line down to participate in the activities.”

Chen Yihao tell hunting cloud network, establish what the purpose is to solve the user encounter weekend weekend to play and difficult problem. “Often in daily from the companies to account, watercress WeChat public to know that we are interested in all kinds of activities, but the last few implementation, we analysis the reason is no one to accompany, so we want to do such a product, let users can quickly find he is interested in the activities of, at the same time also can quickly through the card (user avatar picture) about sliding pair they are interested in.”

encounter weekend APP page design is concise and easy, is the idea of core activities and social, based on user activity in the city information release, recommend quality activities at the same time, about activities and weekend, users can choose their own encounter themes and activities, and then matched with other users, through cooperating with class tinker slide card user avatar picture, the left slide said ignore, right slide said like, if choose to each other, then pairing is successful, the formation of encounter, may be invited to offline activities, one week only travel together a user, if you want to choose other users, cancel the original meeting. In the process of users encounter, if see loved ones, but not choose each other, will be for the Ta to explode light to strive for the opportunity to chat with each other. Encounter weekend through “friends” at the same time, in their own circle of friends Shared links can be directly open the activity travel together, travel together information real-time synchronization with the APP.

Chen Yihao said, now the social competition is intense, many software and channel cost is also increasing, therefore, between the people and activities require trial and error to the formation of the ecological environment, promote the use, also need a different approach, the development direction of later encounter weekend mainly lies in “activity” and “about” on, the main highlight the activity itself, the main channel to release platform into activity, and social mechanism.

“we are in each city will set up five banner as recommended activities, businesses would recommend its activities, these recommendations has the advertising value; At the same time, through the sales movie ticket coupon structures, user communication bridge, the user can purchase corresponding movie tickets or coupon is ahead of time, travel together to participate in relevant activities, assuming no travel together is successful, the ticket or the coupon can be returned.”

Chen Yihao tell hunting cloud network, at present, the company’s marketing operations are divided into two ideas, one is the promotion of the product itself, through the distribution market, and various online channels to let everyone understand product characteristics; Second, with businesses to hold all kinds of interesting activities, business activities through propaganda, to merchants also give our drainage of drainage. On promotion with changjiang daily, group of light, a universal, che merchants established a cooperative relationship.

encounter weekend in February, nearly sixty thousand users, do activity retained 50% the next day, day of active number at about 25%, 1000 new users a day.

in addition, according to the hunting cloud network understanding, encounter weekend team in 2013 shenzhen innovation investment group, a total of 5 million angel investment funds, at present, officially launched PreA round of funding plan.

note: the data are supplied with founding team, hunting cloud network does not make any endorsement.