Eat treasure: grasp the B end, extension, C end, free food and beverage management system

March 27 (word/He Yuying)

eat treasure in March 2013, founder of the tang dynasty with his new friends and partners have developed a network reservation in chengdu PI county O2O products, due to such problems as market activity did not achieve the desired effect after product launch, tang new friends and his partners had to choose to give up.

but in eating treasure team found in the entrepreneurial process, a lot of restaurant management chaos, front desk cashier, the lobby order or orders kitchen production has a certain extent, waste of time. Then the team will aim at restaurant management system, completed in 2014 technical reserves, product design, research and development, the private version of the product launch earlier this year.

eat treasure web version provides the order end of the current commissioning, the kitchen and terminal demo, allow the user to quickly understand the running situation of the whole system. At present there are 6 members, the team is made up of new contacts and bo-wen deng tang, tang new contacts within the team as a strategic and technical implementation, responsible for planning and strategic direction, bo-wen deng team is responsible for the management and marketing.

in recent years, the catering management system to be widely accepted by the businessman, tablet order become a boom, many businesses start using the cloud restaurant management system saves time cost. Comparison on the market at present commonly used such as “news”, “guest as a cloud”, “dark horse”, “cotton candy”, etc., but most of these management systems are expensive, low cost will charge merchants a 1000-2000 yuan per month. At the same time some of these food and beverage management system limited to offline services, some only for B side, and there is difficult to use, need professional on-site training, etc.

new friends told tang cloud network, hunting after eating treasure is launched for the customer, the front desk order, kitchen reaction, managers have the APP and online editions of terminal, make the product accessible to the largest extent. Eat treasure mainly adopts X cloud services, to integrate the information and sharing. The cashier will use B/S scheme completely solve the possibility of crashing, card machine, data loss, complex database problems, even appeared computer failures, power outages, in computer or change a mobile phone, log in to your account, you can continue to cashier.

tang new friends think pure free food and beverage management system on the market at present not yet, free meals in the treasure to market when it is easy to gain attention, but at the same time there are also many businesses because of the long-term use of the same software dependence is not willing to accept the new system problems, this also is for market promotion in the future need to overcome a difficulty.

“team at the same time, hope to be able to juggle B extensions to the C end, customer is the core of the merchants, the fountain of catering management is also in order to give customers a better service.” Tang told hunting cloud network and new friend, treasure will increase C end product function, provide remote queue, custom, acquaintances to find (using the address book to help customers find a meal in the same place of acquaintances) and other services. To cloud and the client’s data sharing help business develop more suitable food and the management pattern, at the same time, it will improve the communication between stores to be Shared.

eat treasure is different from general catering management system, the product both B and C the use demand, the food and beverage management and diners to social harmony, and on this basis to provide bulk and other diversified services. Tang told hunting cloud network and new friend to eat bao team hopes to turn into an independent product system, is not restricted to earning the trust of merchants and customers. The treasure is currently financing in eating, financing needs.