E maintenance $20 million B round, offline service point layout, car maintenance one stop solution

today, e maintenance, founder of the peak to the hunting cloud network validation, completed YouKunLun ten thousand d led A $20 million B round and A round of investor capital positions and source. E maintenance in the industry won A round of investment, the earliest O2O maintain with fast healthy development, once again won the favor and recognition of the capital market, complete B round of funding. The heat of the door-to-door service is higher and higher, a wave and the enterprise get the second round of funding, this e maintenance to $20 million in financing, financing to create the industry’s another milestone.

e maintenance was established in January 2014, focusing on the door automobile maintenance service itself, the deepening of Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou, shenzhen, suzhou, foshan city, 6 servicer has amounted to 300 vehicles, daily peak 2000 single orders. E maintenance service of power is not complete. E maintenance to provide customers the earliest vehicle inspection report, the first to realize technician, order information management, the fastest to establish archives maintenance model, the first to implement the standardization on-site maintenance.

hunting cloud network understanding, in order to make e maintenance can become with the core competitiveness of China’s auto market after O2O platform, this round of financing in the future will be mainly used in three aspects:

1, the product research and development, to improve the existing business module, continuous r&d resources input, the introduction of professional talents;

2, constantly deepening regional and expansion, the door of car ownership in the existing city O2O after the completion of service process, by the end of this year is expected to expand to more cities;

3, system optimization, will effectively integrate online service, create new O2O platform of specialization, standardization, informationization.

e maintenance, founder of the peak, said, after the completion of this round of financing team constantly improve the quality of service, and create the depth of the on-site maintenance service ability is still e maintenance business priorities. The service online effectively integrate, create new O2O platform, specialization, standardization, informationization is e maintenance become China’s leading car after the service provider’s critical path.

the investors in the kunlun ten thousand d (300418) is China a-share companies, is committed to become A leading global Internet comprehensive service provider. To strengthen mobile online game market competitive advantage at the same time, the kunlun ten thousand d active layout Internet advantage enterprises in areas such as finance, O2O, e maintenance is one of its latest mark. Kunlun, ten thousand d, a subsidiary of the kunlun South Korea to e maintenance investment of $11 million.

this round of financing, “heavy” and founding partner of the source of capital, cao said a growing number of Internet entrepreneurs entrepreneurship around the car after market field. The market is very big, but can run out in the inside of each track is the first, second. When the choice, business model, unique advantages and core team is the key to our value.

as e maintenance, founder of the peak says, O2O mode used in the car, not only save time, save money, more important is worry, eventually to implement to the service quality, will become the owner of O2O maintain a channel and choice. The

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