E foot massage: do differentiated XiangShouXing O2O foot massage

March 28 article/Zhang Nanqian

from e pedicures preliminary idea to produce the project’s prototype build, Ceng Shibin and his team spent less than three months. In November 2014, he returned to the once studied four years, accidentally come into contact with the door in a friend home pedicure services. “Reflexologist drive to, but also bring massages bed, consumers can enjoy the foot massage in professional bed.” This time, he began to think about yourself to do a door to door pedicure worldwide platform. In January 2015, in the domestic research after several rich “overseas Chinese” Ceng Shibin and MTK before Mr Liu of partners including founded in kunming garment hill with water science and technology, and developed e foot massage.

in simple terms, e pedicure is a provider of worldwide services such as the door pedicure O2O products, the current issue of the development, has been completed WeChat public APP is expected to launch in April. Services include the foot massage, essential oil massage, Thai massage, the lowest price is in 99 yuan an hour. Contrast the domestic most 30-40 pedicure services, Ceng Shibin admits his price is higher, but therein lies the service “differentiation”.

“it is not like the laundry done, is to enjoy the service of our customers.” “Five parties enjoy” is his product differentiation positioning: technician the door with a small tool box, there are snack, aromatherapy, small speakers – respectively from the throat, nose, ear to service users; Combined with technician – of acupoint massage service. In addition to these four, has a differentiation – visual enjoyment.

so, concrete is how to embody the enjoyment on the vision?

e pedicures 80% technicians are women aged 25 to 35 years old. Current training director wang served as director of chengdu rich overseas markets, products at the beginning of the run he recruited a total of more than 10 technicians, “looks correct, generous service attitude, and it is our claim to the technician.” Ceng Shibin convective cloud network said, “not because domestic massage professional of bias, deliberately to bypass the technician’s appearance, which can directly to the user the enjoyment on the vision.”

the thing: the masseuse door-to-door service safety concerns how to solve? How in the gray area on the brakes?

Ceng Shibin to hunt cloud network, said they will mainly from the three lines to avoid undesirable phenomenon. First, the technician this line: the massage therapist background investigation, to massage therapists safety awareness training, and buy for its comprehensive insurance, etc.; This line: second, user user identities, before placing orders to evaluate service site environmental safety coefficient; Third, both in the middle: take location and alarm system, full-time chauffeurs technician. It is understood that the current will be delivered to young women technician to do massage service domestic O2O market is almost a blank, such as kung fu bear, points to is to do the door of the massage service, older or male technician in the majority.

“the Internet was just tools, we have to do is differentiated products, heavy line service, security can go to evade from various aspects.” Ceng Shibin convective cloud network to is emphasized.

in addition to him, liu zhen, wang jun; Now e pedicures core team and Tian Qian: once in sichuan badly business management company deputy general manager, is responsible for marketing and marketing planning, Cui Maoyin: economics undergraduate course graduate of durham university, is former mau group marketing manager in yunnan, the current e pedicure product manager, responsible for product development. Hunting cloud network understand e pedicures, now officially launched the angel round.

company: garment hill with water network technology co., LTD.