E driving push generation drive shuttle car wash, solve the users don’t have time to pain points for car washing

generation drive Internet service platform e drive formally announced the launch generation driving car wash service, promote the car price is 19 yuan only. E or driving CEO jia-jun Yang said generation drive shuttle car overturned the existing mode of washing the car, to solve the pain points of users don’t have time to wash the car.

the so-called generation drive shuttle car wash, just as its name implies is the generation of master driving car to help users will specify a car wash, and on the whole process of washing and washing quality supervision, and then the car parked in the location specified by the user.

jia-jun Yang said that in recent years, due to wash the car group as well as some Internet companies involved in car field, the sensitivity of the user to wash the car prices lower. And don’t have time to wash the car is clean, wash became the first pain points of users. Using the generation of driving car wash, users need not to queue, waiting for the wash, e generation driving teacher to monitor washing quality.

the e generation driving with carefully screened car merchants cooperation, car wash service process by the generation of drivers and business cooperation between complete, driving car owners simply by e generation APP can complete order and payment services.

about the relation between customer more security issues, jia-jun Yang said that in the process of generation of driving car to car, vehicle traffic violations, traffic accident injury problems, e generation driving a tube to the end.

, for example, in the process of generation of driving car, vehicle lost, e generation driving claims a new car. Customers can through the software to the real-time trajectory tracking of vehicles, vehicle movement.

according to introducing, e generation drive shuttle car wash business covers Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou, shenzhen, hangzhou, tianjin, chengdu and other cities. The contract specifies XiCheDian 2000.

in China, the automobile service market segmentation is just getting started, as China’s surge in car number, huge purchasing power drives to wash the car, such as decorative beauty business market. From wine offspring driving, generation of driving during the day to wash the car business, e generation driving started trying to diversify the direction.

according to the 2014 Internet washing and maintenance market research report, a total of 31 cities in China more than 1 million cars, conventional washing frequency 10 ~ 40 times per year, the national average daily washing 10 million times, the market space of about 80 billion yuan.

it is understood that as the nation’s largest generation drive Internet service platform, e generation driving in Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou, shenzhen and other generation driving service opened 120 cities, with 60000 generation driving teacher, took a more than 90% of the generation of driving market share.