Dynamic intelligent PI racket: chip record + software analysis, play with the data


under the big data age today, the seeds of intelligent sports already take root as the rise of the Internet of things, from shenzhen huaqiang north, think electronics introduced a digital intelligent badminton racket, athletes swing track can be accurate records, such as strength, Angle data.

energy smart chip at the bottom of PI is at the heart of the racket, it placed in the handle of the sensing chip inside with a specific algorithm, can swing track, speed to the user, the racquet face bevel, to hit the ball position, power, and type (e.g., forehand and backhand, etc.) to capture, help the user to complete the movement data collection work. Via the USB connection, but also in the PC software side shows more professional chart data analysis, compared with the built-in reference template, index of recommendations to play and the need to strengthen. Not to record data, but also as a common time to use. Its appearance design is different from common time is not too big, conform to the feel of the user experience.

for beginners, the standardization of the action is very important, once formed habit, very difficult to correct later, through dynamic PI, beginners can get rid of the training methods of fog, how action, the progress or not, a test on dynamic intelligent PI racket. As for the athletes, the traditional training methods mainly by coach to the naked eye identification and experience to planning, with the help of dynamic PI, can be a powerful data analysis, make the training more efficient. Vigor PI products can be purchased through the website, and download software on mobile phone and PC.

according to hunt cloud network understanding, each big famous manufacturers in recent years gradually began to develop intelligent products, adidas developed intelligent football in Europe and South America market, InfoMotion Sports Technologies, developed a smart basketball basketball market to the United States, China, thought of developing intelligent badminton racket.

calm down, seemingly intelligent racket passion is also facing many challenges, the intelligent racket is not familiar with, as a new sports equipment, dynamic PI, the first impression that gives a person more like scientific research, other professional athletes for the racket requirements specific to each detail, even smart racket is good, but there is no “custom” say, whether it can be widely accepted by people, also need to go through a market survey.