Dr Peng, combining the resources of the broadband Internet TV, separated from the host screen design

(word/qing nan)

since Letv began to introduce the concept of Internet TV after home, such as millet, iQIYI Internet companies and traditional factory also gradually begin to focus on, it also includes Dr Peng domestic more operators.

since 2013, proposed that the pipe end of cloud strategy, Dr Peng began taking the layout of intelligent terminal, therefore in November 2014 set up the subsidiary barley science and technology, and launch the barley box and barley router and other products. Today, independent of barley officially released television, and on the website of barley mall open appointment.

with the largest Internet TV on market, barley television adopted separation design, split the screen and the host. Thinking is the core, the television screen for most users, the difference is not too big, but the merits of the system configuration will gradually become the important factors influencing the viewing experience. Barley allows users to upgrade only configuration can be quickly upgrade TV host box, thereby saving costs can also achieve docking with the tide.

on the specific design and configuration, barley is 55 inch TV size, main 4 k, tie-in and independent build Domy UI, using the ADS hard screen, using the full metal shell and the back, back the thick end is only a 30 mm. Barley cloud box adopts the amlogic T886 4 core CPU, 8 nuclear GPU, equipped with gigabit front-end ports.

so only the “advance” the configuration of the gigabit front-end ports, it is thanks to Dr Peng group’s core assets. As operation for 30 years of domestic private broadband operators, to build a good network environment, and a big TV viewing experience became barley value-added services, this also is other TV manufacturers do not have competitive elements.

Zhou Liuqing revealed, general manager of science and technology, and for the barley

happy see TV price + video content for bundling strategy, barley TV while walking at a low price, will own correlates video service, and Dr Peng gigabit router, gigabit ultra broadband service, 4 k, such as resources combination, users can buy packaged high value-added services. Among them, the content resources completely free, and give to buy broadband users to a certain degree of preferential contract machine.

such as barley D55S ordinary TV version of the new release is priced at 3333 yuan (model), D55SHi wi-fi version for 3999 yuan. When buying contains 1 year 100 m broadband (currently price 1280 yuan/year) contracts, the overall price is 4999 yuan, separate purchase discount than the 280 yuan.

Letv, millet and the same type of TV products, barley TV price no advantage, in the super broadband (especially gigabit) on the acceptance of also need a process of gradual popularization, this will test the barley TV subsequent market performance.

Dr Peng can free the content, one is in August last year to buy into the Milky Way their Internet TV co., LTD., and corresponding Internet resource access TV permission. 2 it is different from Letv pattern differentiation route, and eventually over broadband resources to achieve greater revenue, build “application hardware + content + AD + + broadband” business model, so as to realize from the original telecom operators to the comprehensive transformation of service orientation.

for barley mall, Zhou Liuqing to locate it as O2O vertical electric business platform, will not only become the barley product sales platform, and will also carry Dr Peng O2O strategic online service platform. Such as Dr Peng, the country’s 30000 people to push people in addition to the introduction of barley, barley TV box and ultra-wideband brand series of products, will also realize offline, online order, will be introduced to the broadband users a batch of new and old barley mall buying service, from which can measure the employee’s performance level.