Doodle nail the path to victory: C2C mode of B2C strategies

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at the beginning of 2014, the Internet is not the name of “the beaver”, “doodle nail” has opened a promising. Doodle manicure set at the beginning of an idea is given by the wu chunhe li yinan joint investment of millions of yuan of angel investment, 31 October 14 years, and obtained by sequoia capital and source for thousands of millions of dollars in A round of capital investment.

doodle nail art itself is an entrepreneurial teams in Beijing, was chosen from Shanghai, mainly is the future of the whole urban expansion into consideration. Shanghai beauty industry atmosphere is good, the female users demand for nail art degree is high, the future was also extended to jiangsu region. Now has covered Beijing, guangzhou, chengdu, hangzhou, chongqing, wuhan and other cities.

Wang Biao recently revealed that doodle manicures, single volume has broken. Hunting cloud network issue 24 Wang Biao founder of entrepreneurship has invited the public class doodle nail to share business dry, talk about nail O2O trillions of market, doodle nail art thinking and practice.

sweep the street, watch shop determine business point

at the beginning of the venture, there is no exact the doodle nail business direction. Team identified themselves want to do is “related to the industry”, through to “offline” watch shop, the traditional offline store is divided into three categories:

1. Store sells products: with electrical business mode is given priority to, such as ali and jingdong to market, but the fierce competition in the industry.

2. One shop: such as KTV, cinemas, etc.

3. Store selling service: service categories such as beauty, hairdressing, massage.

traditional offline stores have cost problem, 70% of whom are building hydropower rental costs, 20% smoked by the boss, so for craftsmen accounted for only 10% of the profits. Disintermediation is the development trend of the Internet, take off the boss and houses, with pure rational point of view to analyze and make a connected directly to the user and consumer products. Think in the Internet service in the office moved to the user’s home, save the cost of building hydropower, therefore O2O mode of entrepreneurial prototype appeared.

O2O beauty industry breakthrough segments, the beauty industry include massage, beauty, hairdressing, etc many segment types, at present China’s beauty industry is still in the stage of rapid development. Data show that by the end of 2013, China’s beauty industry overall size is close to one trillion yuan. Wang Biao through some kind of rule out that entrepreneurship breakthrough point would be a nail O2O:

1. First rule out the massage, the massage itself provides more core values are people’s pleasure and relaxation feeling, if put the massage from a massage shop out in user home to lose a lot of the value of collateral.

2. Hair is a high technical content of the work, need to all kinds of instruments and equipment and materials, the whole process itself is very complex. Simple haircut guest unit price is low, the design of complex on the equipment can be difficult to achieve, and hair low frequency, Wang Biao think salon category for door-to-door service.

3. Most of the costs of the beauty industry in terms of products and instruments, if will be beauty, regardless of the instrument so users can enjoy is the basis of simple skin care, like the door massage, also a few additional value, at the same time, the unit price is not high also.

ruled out these beautiful industry categories mentioned above, Wang Biao finally chose to nail the category, main consideration to nail the operation is simple, the user’s use frequency is high, the guest unit price is reasonable, the nail is suit to get door to door service, which also determines the business to start.

C2C model execution B2C logic

determines the startup, when building team to do the door nail Wang Biao analysed the main competitors: beaver family home nail, 58.

Wang Biao said, from the present results, from the coverage and orders, doodle nail are slightly better than the beaver home. Doodle some more orders, but on the brand construction is less.

doodle nail and nail beaver family differentiation exists in the product model, beaver home nail model is connected with the user’s C2C artisan flat screen. Wang Biao think is not very suitable for beauty industry specialization of C2C mode, but chose a unified pricing model, consumers choose design system based on user preferences to match after five manicurist, so the whole, doodle nail surface is C2C mode, but from the point of view of operating more like a B2C platform. And compared with 58 home, and is the biggest different doodle nail 58 home covered by category, is a service platform for the large, but in the niche is not very good.

standardized decided to scale

second, Wang Biao found nail is suitable for B2C. Contrast nail and hair, hair is a very personalized thing,

the same style but different hairdresser make is different, the effect of different consumers and different to the requirement of the same hair style. Stylist and consumer after formed the tacit understanding is hard to change, but different manicurist, consumers and the dependence of the manicurist and personalized demand is not strong, so nail can be standardized. In the service level, only the standardization of things to come, just can have scale, so the doodle nail is more like the B2C mode.

although B2C model cost is high, but on the source of the accused. In the beauty industry category, C2C will exist the problem of fake, doodle nail with beaver difference is on hold for products and services. From the purchase of the product, the manicurist training, door-to-door service is the strict control. Compared to other more in the intervention to the service.

at the manicurist level, doodle manicure stick to the control of service personnel, and formulate the unified service process. So far doodle nail has established a complete including manicurist recruitment, assessment, rewards and punishment, training, service, words and so on a series of standards and specifications. At the same time, the doodle nail based on LBS, manicurist around its APP own identification system, allocate the manicurist closest to the customer in time, users pay for 100% of the orders are currently owned by manicurist, so manicurist has high loyal subjects.

in addition, the doodle nail for standardization service, server need to work together with platform of improving the user experience. Therefore also have reasonable monitoring mechanism to manicurist: review score, the customer pays a return visit of complaints, sampling observation of the mystical experience division, is the necessary way. Doodle nail on senior manicurist’s selection, insist on the user to select vote, rather than manually, make good manicurist stand out, at the same time is not suitable for the server.

doodle nail from “ style” power

doodle manicure nail art competition, found that the traditional nail a disadvantages exist, the traditional nail care more about the style of finely crafted, away from the user’s requirements. And fashion, with quality to meet the needs of users, but more practical style, this is the Internet company to traditional nail differences.

contest doodle nail has attracted a lot of good manicurist to platform, next, doodle will nail from design, focuses on the r&d of nail “style” doodle manicures, according to user requirements development rich variety of nail art design. In addition, will recruit some designers and freelancers to enrich unceasingly design and perfect manicure SKU, copyright fee to nail salon workers, through the design styles and samples to make money.