Don’t pay too much attention to the investors the BB: “you are already available to the ideas of others!”

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as a tutor startup Tutorspree co-founder of Aaron Harris knows the importance of new ideas for startups. However the generation of new ideas is not easy, especially in today’s knowledge explosion era, all what you think of new ideas may be is not new.

most of the people are very lazy. They can’t take the time to grasp new ideas can’t change perspective. And once made decision about something, will no longer be changed. This is what most people cannot imagine brilliant idea common cause.

this applies to many venture capitalists. In fact, this is a very common at the root of the problem. Founders often ask: “did this? Doing this right?” . Objectively speaking, the problem is not just because of laziness, and venture capitalists own factors. When venture capitalists want to show their familiarity of the market, they will say: “look, I know who has the same idea with you.” Here, the implied meaning of this sentence is: because you think the same as the others, but lag behind others, so what do you think would be relatively poor.

I personally think that people put forward this problem is to belittle founder, because they assume that startups is a “zero-sum”. This assumption derived from the specific market pattern, but from the perspective of entrepreneurial firms, this assumption is completely wrong. Because startups to create new value, and when others have done or are doing the idea of your current practice, proves that you are currently involved in the market is completely correct.

however, this does not mean complete clone another company is the right thing to do. If, compared with the other company, you have no own uniqueness also does not have the original idea of things, so you have to look carefully the following two points. 1) : for the current idea, the vast market and that many participants can good development. 2) : another company in the market operation is difficult, so have to face collapse.

because it’s not easy to find a new idea, so I have asked all basically, the founder of the one that I have ever seen. And I got the answer is usually: “has been tried before, of course, the idea.” But I for this answer is not satisfied, and I need a deeper answer. But investigate its reason why this answer, I have puzzled: “why predecessors have tried the same idea, someone still spend billions of dollars on this idea?” The answer may be: this is a chance to demonstrate profound thought and creativity, at the same time, today it is these ideas and insight, to create the special.

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