Don’t hire temporary workers to do the lifting of the warehouse, purchase Clearpath warehouse robot!

after the Japanese robot baby Smiby, Canadian Clearpath Robots company in line with the concept of “moral robot”, to create another human robot, its purpose is to simplify the work at the warehouse, thoroughly do dirty work and talented.

Clearpath new product will never like the teddy bear five nights of the harem, “the inside of the robots, night alone in a deserted warehouse, they quietly close to you. In fact, Clearpath products designed to make life easier for warehouse workers, and who don’t want to scare.

the business of 6 years robot company Clearpath Robotics, in A recent round of funding for the RRE Ventures company investment of $11.2 million. They are trying to design robots can replace people to do the dirty work. They are building a can select the goods according to the requirements on rack or other storage device of the robot. Thus to reduce the logistics, allow people to focus more on other work.

“we want to expand the robot from the service industry in the market to” Matt Rendall said.

Clearpath Robotics, founders created when studying at the university of Waterloo Clearpath Robotics, first developed an intelligent vehicle can clear the mines. They originally Stop Killer Robots that members of the organization, and supporters of the “moral” robot. However, we sell to the military intelligent vehicle to take the place of those who bring harm robots rather than human.

“ClearPath belief is that moral robot, and don’t think they should in order to profit at the expense of morality” Rendall said. “Robots should bring home to people the life better, not worse”.

the team worked for many research universities as well as Google, NASA and Microsoft. The funds will be used to expand business, build independent industrial system. Inside the mine does not require any human can collect scattered cement, ore packaging warehousing. ClearPath before some of the projects, including the military big brown bear Grizzly, a battlefield experimental base for the building of independent all-terrain vehicles (All Terrain Vehicle).

“we expect to build robots, can realize the automation of factory workshop basic management operations. Some factory organization structure is chaotic, the vast majority of operations can implement automation, especially some boring, dirty, dangerous work. And that’s what our mission – to use science and technology make life more beautiful. We imagine the world no one will work because of injury, the manufacturers may withdraw North America business, because they don’t need cheap Labour.” Rendell said.

Source: TC

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