Don’t demonic survival: the founder of “crazy” the closest to success

cloud network hunting note: Internet tide attracted the attention of many investors and entrepreneurs, seemingly everywhere is gold the Internet really is a place where a layman can succeed? In fact, only those who are obsessed with the dream of “madman”, “crazy people” who dare to dare to do, can gain wealth and prestige finally.

“obsession” this kind of mental state, drives people to succeed at all costs. Is great in the winner’s only ranked second in the market is not enough. This desire drives us to want to be strong in this field.

10 days ago I saw a movie “Whiplash”, this should be one of my favorite movie last year. If it has not won an Oscar, there is no film can get the award. But don’t worry, I won’t reveal the plot here.

the legendary musicians Charlie parker as the goal of the music college freshman Andrew, after joining a competitive school jazz band, in the face of the devil mentor Terence near hell training, with unswerving pursuit for the “great” and to the perfect love of music, stick to the music and even hard not demonic.

I like the movie very much, not only because of the music, the tension, but also because that drive success, depend on the competition to become the best desire. Recall that seems to be all great movies have this kind of intense conflict and tension. Movie aside, let’s think about it, whether it is for a teacher or a student, to succeed obsession with how much?

the film or go take a look at yourself, I will not be here.

after the movie, I was wondering what all week great enthusiasm and sense of competition. First of all, I think of kobe Bryant. A lot of people know kobe got up very early every day to training, training time and strength is far greater than many of the people in the NBA. Although he was tall, strong (this seems to be indispensable), but that doesn’t make him powerful Bryant now.

kobe can become a kobe Bryant, because he in this highly competitive industry more than the most outstanding players training, more because of his desire for success than others.

in our society, we admire, respect musicians athletes, the success of our praise them, shocked by their achievements.

however, a lot of people think chasing tide of Internet Internet start-ups is a casual thing. Every time I see there are a lot of founder to attend meetings, proposed several companies, unilateral investment in angel investment, 6 PM from work and life harmonious and perfect. But I don’t believe in the Internet if you want to win in the big tide of also can have a comfortable life.

my claim is not absolute, but I think that can start a company with an obsession madness is definitely a good thing.

after my observation, if you have found a very important is likely to have high value business ideas, that you can’t hesitate at this time, because many people once found will enter the market, then the loss is a lot of money and the opportunity to gain popularity. But, even if no amount of money is no match for kobe was the best player, rock band the best band in the world. The list goes on, Zuckerberg, Larry and Sergey, DropBox, the founder of reality, Uber, etc.

so you want to raise venture capital to growing make the winner for the king’s market, you must be ready, because someone wants to beat you at any time, steal your thunder, take your clients, or even ruin you.

I’m not too familiar with Mark Zuckerberg, but I bet he’s a very crazy about crazy people, it is all the work he had had for so many years in the further, let him a success. If not, that there will be others beat him on the road to success.

I write all this because I have been constantly asked “if I want to invest in what to look for me?” And I can give the most honest answer is I look for those in pursuit of his ideal to become crazy is the founder of obsession. These people are very competitive, and them that obsession madness that do not accept defeat, drives them to keep fighting until success.

I know I said is some of the cliches.

but I want to ask you, if a person through their efforts to succeed on sports or music, why can’t we in the same manner to create an epoch-making product or service? The Internet industry there is no nine to five job, this is not of those who would like to eat soft rice along to the survival of the industry.

I shall, I can even write an entrepreneur should have 12 attributes, but I value most entrepreneurs or Whiplash spirit in the heart.