Dong mingzhu finally became a new “Internet crosstalk actor”

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lei jun a party and a huge gamble, let dong mingzhu and her at the helm of gree electric appliances into the forefront of the mobile Internet. When the iron lady in Confucianism, lei jun; When given the traditional home appliances on the old king did use the Internet thought rise in mobile phone jianghu counterpart, river’s lake natural not calm. And media nature also can sniff out the business opportunities, under the push, transition interpretation of the speech, the character of the transition of consumption, is attracting countless people comfortable words to watch this competition. In most people’s eyes of science and technology, we put the proclamation, to dong mingzhu, lei jun often fire more has become a new era in a “the artillery in the condom.

in dong mingzhu announced invalid with lei jun, gree’s relationship with millet has become the past type, thought it has ended. But gree the emergence of the mobile phone, reveals the gree and millet between not only not the end of the war, it is quietly to upgrade. And want to carefully, gree launched a mobile phone, also is not only for and lei jun the gamble. The two “tense” in order to more focus on the future trend of the industry.

zhongshan university in guangzhou in March knowledge lecture hall of dong mingzhu have words “traditional enterprise to break into the venue, dong mingzhu suddenly flashed out” gree mobile phone “, and said that she is using. Although the gree ready to enter the mobile phone industry in the industry earlier rumours, dong mingzhu also had been suggested that release for example: “I want to make a phone, every minute, too easy; Do cell phones will certainly more than millet “, “mobile phone if I do, I will let consumers in mobile phone in 3 years. Gree has six institutes, many electrical function is closely related to the mobile phone, if do mobile phones, certainly can do it for three years without change. This is my responsibility for consumers!” The breeze. But when the gree phone Duang once appeared in front of us, though, but it gave me quite a scare. and from traditional home appliance industry cross-border gree mobile phones can finish for millet beyond?

the current information about the mobile phone, though not all, but from the information together. The only mobile phone positioning in one thousand yuan machine market, target price at 1000 yuan, has a similar to the appearance of the SONY and 5.5 inch screen, reportedly gree in 2015 to its sales target set in 100 million. The information from the sales target one hundred million we can see that gree not is not the ambition and confidence. But that goal is the madness of the closed or have answers of confidence? The market can make gree goal come true? We need to think from the internal and external aspects speculation. Shall have the right place, right time and,, need good quality and good experience.

is the first day . So-called days, is the general trend of the industry. But now the industry trend is not what it used to be, smartphone growth was slowing, according to research firm IDC predicts that in 2015 China’s smartphone market although shipments will reach 450 million units, but only about 7.8% year-on-year growth. The growth not only less than half the growth rate of 19.9% in 2014. Is low in nearly six years, sank into growth for the first time interval. For a market slowdown, gree rushed into, and not a wise choice.

and gree mobile target price is in one thousand yuan, choose low-end into, although in theory talk is a very wise choice. But the actual market situation is not optimistic. One thousand yuan machine market has not calm, but sea monstrous. Already heated competition, the domestic mobile phone brands in 2014 with one thousand yuan machine market. In huawei’s glory, cool, a great god, meizu blue incarnate in one thousand yuan left sign right under sudden machine market, one thousand yuan machine market booming, configuration experience increased substantially. Now one thousand yuan machine market, is already not the scenery. The shipments have breakthrough growth in 2014, one thousand yuan machine can speak to the crucial support. Gree chief enemies millet, for example, support millet shipments beyond 60 million target for 2014 of the weight is one thousand yuan red rice series. This year, these have raised the performance targets, huawei, millet is heading for 100 million units. To complete this grand goal, one thousand yuan machine will become the main forces of the them complete the above goals can not be replaced. One thousand yuan this year foreseeable machine will only become more intense market competition. The gree mobile phone was a set a one hundred million target, want to bite to eat a fat man, seems fanciful.

second is the right time . The so-called dili, that is, for the channel control. Channels are divided into online electricity and offline retail channels, and channels of electricity will be the fastest growth in 2015. But gree in the embrace of the two channels, has a very big difference. Online electricity business channels, gree began to launch at the end of 2014, overall layout and electricity, but compared to already had cooked in electric business channels of seasoning and rolling of millet, gree electric business online current channel in absolute disadvantage; Has thirty thousand stores in offline channels, gree will back slightly. But to remove their own channels, at present the most important suning, gome on the two big offline retail channels, gree with two relations in bad condition. And relations with suning, gome, greatly hampered the further extension of gree offline channels, with wider coverage, thus cause the damage of three thousand. And has its own channel can support sales target one hundred million, remains unclear.

also lies in the people. and so-called, is the internal and external relations. But the internal and external relations for gree is not consistent, the four seas. Internally, is dong mingzhu, gree’s spiritual leader, she led the gree, sit top of the air conditioning industry; She oversees a gree has her proud young team and complete study spirit. And in order to a common enemy, unite as one, nature does not have to worry about. But outside, the situation is not so ideal. Due to dong mingzhu the truth straight language character, let its enemies. And the “clear action”, in the last year by more was headed by suning, midea, haier, oaks and so on six big home appliance brand to participate in “abnormality” strong fight back. In is about to enter the mobile phone industry. Bad gree and millet have nailing on the plate. Dong mingzhu repeatedly rhetoric, also failed to make a good impression in the mobile world.

it seems that in the right place, right time and external, for gree mobile phone, it has the advantage of not much. throw these external, returned to competition in the key of mobile phone above. to a mobile phone fighting nature is not the mouth, but the actual quality of the user experience and more important. For gree mobile phone, on the quality of dong mingzhu spoke “mobile phone if I do, I will let consumers in 3 years in a mobile phone. Gree has six institutes, many electrical function is closely related to the mobile phone, if do mobile phones, certainly can do it for three years without change. This is my responsibility for consumers!” Words, I also believe that dong mingzhu, won’t make phone on quality smashed the gold-lettered signboard of gree that had accumulated over the years. So for the gree mobile phone quality I am very optimistic.

quality honest valuable, the price is higher but experience. The whole experience of the mobile phone is decided the user’s future; Decided to phone experience is its built-in ROM system. And ROM using experience of ascension, need to constantly accumulating modification, it is a gradual process. However in the generation of the table on the core competence of ROM, crossover, and flung into the mobile phone industry of gree mobile phones, and accumulation of how many? Compared with the beautiful MIUI, and can come up with many features? Although the gree have relatively strong scientific research ability. But I couldn’t help in this regard, suspicious of the practical experiences of gree mobile phone.

with the above you can see, in the present stage, gree, this phone have neither the right place, right time and again without the inner experience of the assassin’s mace, alone don’t have to change the quality of the three years, gree phones to transcend millet, obviously it is almost impossible. This, I want to dong mingzhu more clearly than we are, so why gree stronger push so a mobile phone? I think more is for gree revenue diversification and the future trend of smart home layout.

gree made a year in revenue in 2014 total revenue of 140.005 billion yuan, up 16.63% from a year earlier, more to achieve 14.114 billion yuan net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies good performance. But as gree to set the “gree to be in five years’ income 100 billion yuan” goal. But as the air conditioning of the durable consumables, due to its properties, slow renewal rate, combined with the market growth is slowing, in order to achieve this goal, only by clearly air conditioning needs under high pressure.

so gree need to diversify sources of revenue. Rather than revenue only stay on the air conditioner. And on the diversification, gree is already actually. In the small home appliance, there is no shortage of gree’s refrigerator market. Gree’s big small appliances, crystal red refrigerator, big pine cookers are contributing to gree revenue. While adding a mobile phone product lines, on diversity in the further, also have not cannot.

and sharply in recent years because of the special nature of the mobile phone and the function of the overlay, the boundary of the mobile phone has been greatly broaden, mobile phones have become the most important of the entrance. And is the ideal of smart home control center. And such a trend. Gree how can turn a blind eye. So mobile phone, mobile phone as the control center, fair and reasonable. Cope with competition from outside, to build around the gree smart home system, nature also is taken for granted. Ecological, but to establish a smart home for the gree gree also need to have more market capacity. But at this point, LeiJunQi a recruit, first layout already, will the smart home system at all, covers television, hand ring, routers, sphygmomanometer, air purifier, TV boxes and other products, more old adversary of beauty, with the purpose of gree intent on smart home further. So-called fists but against four hands, to cope with competition from the league of millet, with only a gree still cope with really enjoyed, I’m afraid. To cope with challenges from the league of millet, only deal with a man as he deals with you, create a new league, against millet alliance. The gree whom to turn to? The so-called the enemy of my enemy is my friend, millet is the enemy of gree potential Allies. And the enemy of millet, how much? Huawei, meizu, 360 everywhere. Gree in the nation, to bring these friends, forming a new coalition. Alliance to fight against millet, in my opinion is a more practical way.

epilogue: had been deliberately arrange party a, make a gree dong mingzhu mall feud with millet lei jun. Although? “the onlooker, but helpless pain for both parties. Rule out originally, this moment is running high. Thought one exit can quietly curtain call. But gree the emergence of the mobile phone, reveals the gree and millet between not only not the end of the war, it is quietly to upgrade. Before this competition, all parties think down, we will almost certainly, gree mobile phones at present is not enough to fight against millet, and its annual sales 100 million rumors of a target is impossible. However fortunately, gree millet mobile phone competition may be just one aspect of a gree launched phones, more is to further help gree achieve revenue diversification trend and grasp the future smart home. Ecological, and intelligent household in big I think against millet alliance of gree does not need to fight alone. Gree, in my opinion, it should be deal with a man as he deals with you, go to recruit, trying to get the enemy of the millet, unite the forces that can be united, forming a new coalition, alliance against millet, perhaps better than gree fight alone up millet alliance would be more feasible.

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