Domestic home: from the domestic base to the store to the housekeeping O2O, try to go through domestic service closed-loop

(article/who 闫森)

Internet housekeeping O2O liberation of productive forces, to the mediation, the liberation of aunt banner tied to the tuyere, such as blowing a burst of, although the wind did not stop, but several have been getting out to the voice. At present the dominance also didn’t appear. Offline small domestic intermediary no large-scale collapse. Market overestimate the user acceptance of purely domestic O2O, information gap still exists. Shenyang startup domestic home want to try from the domestic base construction, to the entity shop, order form into domestic O2O market to the Internet.

offline why small domestic shop can also stubborn survival. Founder of the domestic home wu song jiang told hunting cloud network, the role of traditional domestic built offline store has a lot of, such as can take: brand show, aunt recruitment, to store order, etc. Pure play Internet O2O housekeeping, although subsidies fierce, advanced concepts, but aunt recruitment and brand display level is weak domestic O2O products in offline brand.

not all housekeeping offline store cost will allow the user to pay. The core of the domestic home dozen for: domestic base (training, store) + domestic home network (mobile APP, WeChat). Through self-run flagship store + community store of big cities and small and medium-sized city brand to join and transfer training housekeeping practitioners of standardized services to run online and offline all the fullness of housekeeping O2O. So why do you say offline store cost can need not let users pay? Offline store more as two kinds: the duty of standardization of brand image to show with the users to store orders and dealing with after-sales service and other services. Offline store up is pure online domestic service does not fall to the ground, there is a solid brand image can not be real-time ads appear on the user side. (brand image are subtle)

so since have the offline store, why do (completely free, Andy hold) the housekeeping training base? Wu song jiang told hunting cloud network, a new urban domestic practitioners recruitment is very scattered, and hurried training mount guard is not conducive to aunts form a unified service standards. So domestic base has the advantage of the brand to the standardized training for aunts holistic learning. Can training base and more again obtain employment agencies, from the source to cultivate the aunt of service standards, as well as the platform for the aunt is also the biggest cost reduction.

aunts also is to have the circle. Aunts from different cities to cities, the base is more suitable for them to communicate, base their first security center roles at the same time. Do you want to understand, everyone needs a sense of belonging, a sense of security, can provide domestic training base, package distribution after training here, because our own digestion is enough.

net O2O link, on the line for domestic home to consider more through standardized service reputation + aunts have advantage of price to cut into the market. But the net is the weak link of the team also slightly. For a large IT background system (order online, offline store order, call center) development cycle.

so far, wu song jiang told hunting cloud network, domestic home city and the chain stores now alliance shop (provide a unified decorating, unified tooling) for a total of 16. Recent domestic house will be stationed in Beijing, hope to finish in June before and after the integration of Beijing domestic human resources market, set up three larger domestic service hall (stores).

wu song jiang said, the home of the future of domestic light housekeeping services such as cleaning, hourly workers can be fully realized online consumer offline experience. Senior concierge services such as her maternal care, can be reached through negotiation storefront, signing, payment, to meet customer service staff to further understand, then to carry out the specific service. If customers are not satisfied with the selected domestic workers, will be able to change service personnel in the nearest store, until customer satisfaction.

team, wu song jiang military man, launched in 2007, “a key (key call service available a family, and for the old man)” call product, the shenyang city two levels of government the only designated products. Deputy general manager of cheung chi-kong as original gree air conditioning in liaoning area marketing manager. Terminal market development ability is outstanding. Shine for domestic home of headmaster training base, the original lenovo group in liaoning area, assistant general manager, engaged in the IT industry for ten years.

the current representative domestic O2O company has: 58 home, e jie, cloud housekeeping, domestic help, bear the aunt, pony butler, aunt, aunt to help, the housekeeper help (95081), etc.