Discarded parts have a new destination: use them to build a computer

like Project Ara and Puzzlephone modular cell phone one of the selling point is to reduce waste, but almost no one thought of how would those discarded mobile phone module. Finnish company Circular development Puzzlephone module mobile Devices today revealed the answer to the question: is the Puzzlecluster: using old mobile phone components to build a super computer.

this concept is quite simple: Puzzlephone owner to upgrade its modular cell phones “brain” is the decision of the processor is inevitable, then collected old module can be reused as general computer processors. With multiple old smartphone CPU together, processor becomes stronger.

in addition to the battery, you want to use disused mobile phone battery supply the super computer operation, you also need to use a special manufacture of battery collection device. CircularDevices company said Puzzlecluster equipment the corresponding application could be used for data analysis as well as scientific research, it supports parallel computing and cloud services. The following figure is a small cube can only be inserted into several modules, but through many such small cube form a super computer.

at present, Puzzlecluster is only a concept, it seems to be in talks a lot. But there is no denying the fact that this is a cool concept. But this Puzzlecluster concept project will be achieved, depends on the development of modular cell phones as well as those with module mobile phones how people perceive those modules.