Diamond millet: main “F2F” concept, to do a temperature diamond brand on the Internet

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on the subject of the Internet to transform traditional industries, people can think of almost all industries has been on the road to innovation, in which there are many successful cases, however, in the field of jewelry e-commerce entirely new business models are still in a budding stage, but for entrepreneurs is a piece of virgin land to the nuggets.

“diamond millet” entrepreneurial projects, such as chengdu is thinking renovation diamond industry use the Internet. Hunting cloud network knowledge, team members are mainly 90, after a deep analysis of the diamond industry, using the Internet to establish a new marketing mode of thinking, and will raise pattern of development in all the major cities across the country.

it is clear that with the popularity of diamonds, in the past people think of luxury, has become a necessity. Now on the market of diamond sales model mainly has two kinds, such as tse sui-luen, chow tai fook, chow sang sang jewellery jewelry brand and some of familiar from the diamond bird, nine drill, David, such as the Internet channel. In fact consumers to purchase luxury goods and necessities of thinking difference is very big, the ideas must want to buy necessities is to spend the least money, buy the best of things, but now almost all the brands on market is to profit by selling diamonds, so consumers hard to choose a high cost performance diamond ring.

diamond millet founder Lin Hao convective cloud network, “today’s young people, when they get married is the poorest. Often in order to save money eventually chose a diamond ring is very poor quality. They influenced their understanding of the diamond ring, did not make this diamond ring, memories of their happy life began to that is the tragedy of the diamond industry!”

the essence of the traditional economy, is to buy low sell high. But the Internet is the most exciting place, is that you can give hundreds of millions of users to provide good products, finally you can gain huge wealth. If we both need just need the product, should have zero profit.

specific to diamond millet is through close to zero profit to provide young people with fine diamond ring (have GIA certificate), gathered for the young, make with the same values of the community, to make full preparation for later O2O. Just need a diamond ring in the major cities gather these young people, through post service to deliver the diamond millet one for all, all for my values, high viscosity, are formed by various offline activities, in turn, create economies of scope, is a real diamond millet to do.

at the end of the day, a good product, not just a matter of sell products to users. Thinking is the nature of the Internet services, through various channels, transfer your service. Change in the customer’s requirements, the product should be continuously improved.

therefore, diamond millet emphasises the “F2F” concept, is Friends to Friends. In Lin Hao view, traditional evaluation system of the Internet to make a big change to business model, user before shopping habits, baidu on the public comments on the evaluation. After 90 now have not believe baidu and public comments, they more trust is around friends and girlfriends. Diamond millet with today’s popular derivative model, driving service supremely well up at the same time, allow the user to be the voice of the brand, word-of-mouth. But unlike the mask wechat business mode of refresh, diamond millet USES is own quiet way, diamonds sold one day a week, only every Friday in the circle of friends to release a new product, the other six days do customer service.

Lin Hao convective cloud network, the future of business must be made up of recommend trust chain and chain, diamond millet itself is a personality, different from the thinking of traditional businesses sell products, sell diamond millet is trust and experience. So can the customer to establish a strong link, and then by each customer’s own media properties, to friends, girlfriends, relatives recommend sharing, millet influence natural diamond formation.

in my opinion, diamond millet born for love, for love but to focus on one thing. Diamond millet geared to the needs of the group is the young people around the age of 20 to 30, and the pursuit of personalized, this kind of crowd freedom, pay attention to pretend bility, trust only yourself. Diamond millet was born to be born to this group of people, natives of this group as the Internet at the same time, also form the main force of the future business.

“the Internet is a big trend to transform traditional industry, any enterprise can find the strongest rivals, but there is a rival is dozen however you, that is the trend. Trend once broke out, it will not be a linear development, it will build up our strength on invisible, then all of a sudden outbreak of the avalanche effect. Any don’t want to change the power of destruction in front of an avalanche, marginalized by the market.” Lin Hao referred to in the end.

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