Dialogue YunDing chan pun: science and technology products after platform and ecology

written in front: recent will do some dialogue about startups, chan pun through public contact to me, first chose to do intelligent household chan pun. Not how strange feeling in his industry, or how good his future will be, but feeling can realize in buckish, from the perspective of the product, not empty talk about ecology, it is enough to make I have benefited a lot from, look for the first period.

how many entrepreneurs in company size under the condition of only five people shouted out “platform”, and how many entrepreneurs in the number of users under the condition of less than 1000 will do ecological Shouting! Really too much… 2014 is the first year of the development of smart home industry, if in 2015, around the intelligent household industry competition over the mobile phone industry, that you must not be surprised!

who do intelligent household? The list with Google, apple, haier, midea, even the tencent. Giants on the smart home layout actively, reflect the industry and investment market is also the future of smart home full of expectation. However, “home” is for people to live, what is a platform, what is the ecological, not many people know. Through the communicate with butyl stare founder chan pun, may be able to let everyone know a thing or two.

products to focus on small cardiac big

“smart home market is the biggest risk is the user education, alone cannot fully leverage the power of the market.” In the understanding of chan pun, entrepreneurial companies often like platform, ecology, but those who are mostly chanting, perhaps can fool some of VC, but for the long-term development is definitely the wrong decision from the start. Startups is the best way to do a single detail function perfection of products, to promote the user education, in order to obtain more development space.

before the creation of YunDing technology, chan pun, who used to work in Tokyo, SONY, baidu, baidu successively responsible for baidu media cloud, small degree of intelligent products such as hardware platform and the project. Come out from baidu, formed a chan pun from the earliest contact intelligent household hardware team composed of professional and technical personnel. At the beginning of the business, through the survey of a large number of users, they found that in all the smart home products, more than 50% of users interested in intelligent security the most, he and his team decided to intelligent security as the focus of the business.

but, “you will never be the first to know” this sentence has the absolute universal aura. “Intelligent security as the core of smart home, will inevitably become the focus of competition, we know that the giant also must know that there are more than a giant into the field of smart camera. Balance in capital, technology, competition to multiple factors, we decided to start from magnetic door.”

butyl chan pun do at magnetic door is a intelligent monitoring state of doors and Windows products, mainly for requires repeated to confirm whether the doors and Windows closed obsessive-compulsive disorder. “In the first public beta, some to this must be a geek, after all, literally, ‘obsessive-compulsive disorder is a small group. However, ding at door magnetic after officially launched in some specific groups of people to promote the popularity of, significantly more than expected.”

at the beginning of 2015, ding at tentatively the shuimu community launch group purchase, online, at the same time in this several ten thousand people a day on average daily postings in the tens of thousands of BBS, door magnetic group related post soared to the top ten hot topic of the day, by convention, group purchase related stick a few such heat. Magnetic door in Beijing can be seen in the popularity of the higher-education groups.

and butyl at “goalkeeper action” is another way, reading at plan in 2015 in the choice of 100 typical village, promote intelligent household into the village, walk into a wider range of application. The first, fourth at chooses the most densely populated in Beijing suburb community, through the cooperation with neighborhood committees, security office, the suburb to build a batch of pilot magnetic door family.

connects center represents the two typical demand for intelligent magnetic door: one is more miscellaneous, massive security needs; 2 it is the elderly, butyl at not only can be a warning in time for the old man forgot to turn off Windows and doors, more can see the old man in the children’s mobile phone terminal open closed records, help children understand parents’ life situation in a timely manner. For the first successful promotion, chan pun exclamation, “the early stage of the business, good service, these people really is enough”.

obsessive-compulsive disorder=a single function of extreme

in reading at the point of view, the so-called “obsessive-compulsive disorder”, refers to safe, beautiful, neat aspects such as the single detail has extreme demand of people, such as the big bang theory Sheldon in the claim to the seat. This with butyl stare by acme item cut into the market strategy.

although the magnetic door can do is to condition monitoring for the doors and Windows, the discovery of abnormal situation when the user calls sounded the alarm, Dante at will the function the perfection. “Accurate, timely, stable.” It is at the team for the product requirements.

according to chan pun, the intelligent camera alarm highest accuracy can reach 95%, but ding at magnetic door can reach 100%, at the same time, the timeliness of alert and accurate to the second stage, the next generation of butyl at will to a millisecond. Don’t disturb, 120 meters from home doors and Windows at home not to close the notification, identification, and other functions, embodies the intelligent learning ability of the product. On the hardware design, butyl at will “obsessive compulsive disorder” to the limit. Developed by domestic famous industrial DESIGN team YANG DESIGN equipment DESIGN, contracted and fluent, appearance and so-called “the world’s most light”, only 50 grams, less than half the weight of the iPhone. And low-power wi-fi technology implements a charge can be used for three months, from the frequent charging.

chan pun explaining: “in fact for doors and Windows of ocd, reflect the safety and security of anxiety, butyl at now realized the first step in the family of intelligent security, the security information collection and timely warning of abnormal situation.

seize opportunities in the transformation of traditional manufacturers

d stare in June 2014 received an angel round of investment, the investor is one of the star of lenovo, said the team chose chan pun, in addition to their experience in the field of Internet technology and intelligent household products, are still take a fancy to their experience in dealing with traditional field.

the first generation of magnetic door after launch, on cooperation in the field of traditional Windows and doors and linkage soon prove their ability to “ground”. At present, butyl fixed on the door with the national famous factory, window factory, lock factory and door manufacturers extensive cooperation.

“door magnetic well proved that our products and technical ability, it is to attract the basis of traditional manufacturers to cooperate with us.” Chan pun acutely caught traditional vendors transition bring opportunities for development. “For traditional manufacturers, under the wave of intelligent, how to combine with the Internet, is an urgent need to solve the problem. Under the goal of win-win, intelligent hardware cooperating with traditional household full of imagination.”

d plan to be more “just need to” security requirements, various forms of cooperation with door lock manufacturers. Front loading market, for example, will be embedded smart suite doors, Windows, locks, and through the complete solution, based on the cloud of intellectualization.

to chan pun, for intelligent hardware in lower-tier cities, before the market is a better and more direct way. And dean at the layout of the ecology through the doors and Windows, ultimately aims to be the core technology in the field of intelligent security providers and service providers.

products are clouds and ecological

door magnetic is a minimalist application products, though its technical threshold is very high, but the future only to have the cloud and service as the support.” In chan pun, butyl at a complete sound cloud architecture, all smart strategy is based on the processing of the cloud, this is the threshold of dean at the core of the future. Although the advantage of the cloud are not revealed, Dante obviously has already prepared.

it is well known that only when users reach level, ability of the cloud will have nowhere to go. Chan pun is introduced, and the fourth at can do 100% of the information is not lost, as well as hundreds of levels of users, the telephone inform the timeliness of the clouds, these there is no other vendor can do it. And on security, dean at the CTO Zhang Dongcheng has a wealth of experience in security field, the current reading at all of the information transmission products realize the financial level of encryption.

chan pun said, “the future for butyl at hardware products will be the information collection channels, more services will be done by the cloud core technology and services. However, all this will be the next step, only we go to this step, just have the chance to go the next step.”

with chan pun chat for nearly two hours, from beginning to end can feel inside collect and composed of the founder. In such a jigsaw, we even don’t have time to sit down and drink a cup of coffee time, the first step to be able to go on the practicalities of people and how many. This reminds me of before seeing a chicken soup, “when you walk, only when the first step is a step and foot landing, to take the next step, or you will fall!”

but, I know, no superman, two feet from the ground can also walk also does not exist.

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