Detailed maps than Google Map: m. ot to do in the field of navigation wikipedia

Hope to get more information about the Dot company created the original intention and ultimate mission, the following are extracts from the interviews.

briefly with two other words say what your company is doing?

wikipedia do is allow the user to understand what is one thing, and the Dot want to let the user know where a thing is.

what motivates you to dabble in navigation position in this field? What is the reason stories to tell?

a few years ago we create Dot idea already initiation, before we hope we can build a mobile web site at any time on the phone, the user can leave the real message somewhere sometime. At that time we didn’t develop it is feel the market is not big enough. A few years later, everyone has a smart human hands. At this moment we have found that if we can shorten the user of the application of website time limit, the Dot will have broad application market.

who is your biggest competitor? How do you make yourself better than its rivals?

I don’t know whether this idea is correct, and we will in fact all the application of location-based services as a competitor, so there is no so-called biggest competitors, there are just a bunch of different competitors. They start out just want to be a certain aspects of the application. Such as the application of specially designed for coffee, and the application of all kinds of miscellaneous collection. Any aspect has nothing to do but the Dot, the user can own to explore it USES. Is like Twitter, different people to get on it.

what do you think which is more important to both? Create profit, or to change the world?

well, I don’t want to take this opportunity to throw a windfall, but now I have to admit that is the most important thing for me don’t be so embarrassed, you know, my children sometimes have to eat the instant noodles of no nutrition.

can tell us about your team act absurdity resulted from his teammates?

it’s about Christian (Christian), he is one of the founders of the Dot. Supported to start his first bucket of gold enterprise he is willing to “sell their flesh. (before you begin to think, I want to tell you: don’t think slanting, he just put his body to science — to pharmaceutical companies for drug experiments.

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