Derek: artificial deal, let skills fragmentation like taobao business

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social classifications of many, and each career has professional quality, to provide professional services. Specialty areas of everybody is different, but in life there is a wide range of service requirements, such as household maintenance life skills, learning skills and other skills, management skills. Sharing economic let manicurist, massage therapists, technicians groups such as maintenance division to have special skills service platform, but it is not a system of small service scope is wide, category, such as for someone to design a product, an idea, do a website, hire a baby-sitter, please a tutor, ran a leg, a team… These requirements have not been met, be badly in need of an aggregate of various skills service platform.

“the little fish” is the first domestic comparable price service trading platform. His target audience may be defined as can provide various services for individuals and small micro enterprise, docking service demand and service. Traditional service trade high communication cost, the deal itself without security, not cumulative follow-up assessment to establish credit evaluation mechanism and so on pain points become a popular service trade and the scale of the block. “Little fish” pricing standardization, digital evaluation into the open, word-of-mouth, transparent selection, direct matching supply and demand. Service provider in the platform after registration, can offer their services in accordance with the standards of wages per hour to set the initial price. According to user’s evaluation as well as the average price of similar services platform, through the background weighted model, design and algorithm of automatic generation platform for server hourly wages reference pricing. Service demand also can be in many standardized pricing service, be clear at a glance comparison, transparent bargaining.

service trade covers the education training, creative design, software development and other categories, involving life services, production services, public welfare services three categories. Provide any programming service code farmers, priced at 20 yuan per hour. Offer immigration consultancy services experts, price 50 yuan per hour; Have a lovely girl that emphasized knitting a sweater, priced at 100 yuan per hour, etc. “Little fish” founder and chairman of nanjing entrepreneurs in which Mr Feng Jiang also provide enterprise information management solutions. “At the moment to rapid accumulation of user, platform for all service trade commissions 0, is free for all registered users to provide guarantee, demanders satisfied just payment, server to time collection, security, integrity for both” Feng Jiang convective cloud network said.

Feng Jiang uncle is after 70, has been successfully set up two companies, and now pull up after 80, 90, entrepreneurial team, began to life for the third time business. Named “little fish” because they want to build a flexible can easily achieve their value platform, let each people skilled trade into the platform, like a duck to water to deliver their value.

those skills certification service, main points and 2 step, the first step is to use human resources and social security of the national vocational qualification certificate’s website to confirm the authenticity of qualification of profession of the user’s sex; The second step is based on the website for broad user, according to the little fish itself in the service sector skills certification standards certification.

in the process of observation and interpretation services, Feng Jiang recognize that seemingly multifarious services, standardization, hard to quantify, but its essence, is the artificial when trading. These can trade time, can be a whole month full time all day, can also be a a fragments of time. Little fish, a comprehensive evaluation system is established based on one unit of time value, the complex quantitative differences between a variety of services, standardization and the brand of service. For the demand side, the hourly price high and high efficiency service to some extent, means he better services, through the comparison to evaluate the quality of service, choose the right server.

so we can’t help but want to ask, is the quality service, like vertical door-to-door service economy is difficult to grasp the qc problem, little fish so a comprehensive platform located in various service trading platform will be too heavy, facing a serious qc issue?

vertical life service is around a core industry do big do deep, focused on the common door of life on the strong demand of the user experience perfectly. Such as taking a taxi, delivery, etc. All an industry strongly demand to a certain extent can separate out vertical, to strengthen the deep user experience. But time is ultimately sell “people”, and people’s creativity and innovation is infinite, will produce many novelty, fun and valuable long tail market, namely “personalized”, “small profits”, “big market”. Such as rent a boyfriend home for 1000 yuan/times, artificial alarm clock on time call early wake-up call/phone call get up early call service, 3 yuan/times… With sexual skill time trading platform in such innovative service trade has natural advantages, the vertical local services and professional trading APP problem difficult to solve such innovation.

have service for marketing is marketing is consumer instead?

services have the natural power of promoting their services, but the fish who would not like some sites fully into the world of the rich people to play, there are all sorts of train, fingerling son want to do a comprehensive sorting system, guarantee the really good service at the top, rather than whoever rich at the top.

caused by a lack of early users, the current evaluation system of fish were not very ideal. But it is also inevitable problems, any website and APP have to undergo such a stage, the little fish will also try to shorten the time period. In the future, little fish business models will go big data value-added services and services development.