Depending on the flying pigeon with super bike, officially listed in July


today, le regard sports and flying pigeon vehicle industry announced officially reached a strategic partnership, and joint ventures, smart bike series products, “super bike” is the first intelligent hardware products, released its specific price were not disclosed. Hunting cloud network learned: in June will be officially released real vehicle, formal production in July, and in the second half of the year will launch two new cars.

as early as March 27, the first in the 15 north China international bicycle, electric car exhibition Letv namely announced by its music sports, Leie companies as well as bicycle industry a heavyweight enterprises, jointly established a joint venture company, formally entered the bicycle market.

this mystery solved, formally announced the for flying pigeon bicycle industry heavyweight enterprises vehicle industry, really was no surprise. Flying pigeon is a brand accumulation and precipitation of 65 state-owned enterprises, have been leaders in country gift to foreign friends, in 65, flying pigeon has sold more than 200 million bicycles. Power there is no need to say more, the happy sports cooperation, as you can see in the Internet age, the desire for the determination of the transition.

happy sports CEO LeiZhenJian said, the two sides of cooperation is the best embodiment of traditional Internet + enterprise “, hope that through the development of science and technology, the Internet, thinking to redefine the sports industry. Joint Leie tripartite joint enforcement “game operations + content platform + intelligence + value-added services” the integration of sports industry chain of ecological layout. The overall train of thought with previous music depending on the TV and saw the music mobile phone, the main ecological concept.

it is understood that in addition to the intelligent bicycle, in the near future, Letv sports will also intelligent hardware products of independent research and development of several categories. According to cloud network understanding, hunting is distributed in the portable camera, intelligent equipment, wearable devices, hand-held terminals in the four categories.

so what Letv super bike is a “aunts”.

in the whole product system, the first paragraph belongs to urban recreational vehicles. Look from the appearance, super bike from birds flying trajectory can be derived from the concept of natural bionic its rapid state lines, applied to the design of new products. From a performance point of view, “super bike” unified the more intelligent elements and equipment to the vehicle, in addition to the basic music is consistent with the frequency of music (push), first aid, timing, and other functions, and objects associated, cycling data, intelligent control, intelligent anti-theft four big functions.

specifically: the data of cycling, cycling, super bike can push human health data in real time, let the heart rate, blood pressure, pulse, speed, distance and other data show that in the control panel and the associated phone, through the scientific data, provide the best cycling route and effective Suggestions. In addition to the uv index, the natural environment such as wind speed, PM2.5 data.

in addition, the vehicle with tail lights, width, head lamp, steering, consists of five groups of the lamp lights, which shows wide light not only increases the movement of the cool feeling, more night ride provided the guarantee of safety. Super bike with functions of a key in the car, before there is no ID will be issued a strong warning sound, and will be pushed to the owners of the real-time position on the phone, in order to realize intelligent anti-theft function.

let cloud network think hunting is very practical, super bike equipped with mobile power supply, mobile hotspot. And stamp on at the same time, charging for mobile power.


China is a bicycle, bicycle, per capita ownership by the data of 2013, 370 million units. Basic concepts in the face of such market prospects, BICI (), 700 bike, baidu, millet one after another to form a team, in the research and development of bicycle.

so, several function is roughly same, and it is too early to tell the punch. If we say, advantage, hunting cloud network learned: in the future, Letv cycling sports will be held in intelligence, build a game brand that belongs to oneself completely. In addition, music sports copyright event, homemade show, music music, dramas, movies and other content information can be real-time delivery, will be the whole content of le regard ecological under present in regard sports intelligent terminal products. Also saw with happy sports in the future of other hardware products, to create a more broad intelligent hardware ecosystem.

in June, real vehicle will be released, then we’ll have a look at this super super bikes.

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