Decorate site soil rabbit C $200 million round of financing, the management team is still holding

today, decorate site soil and rabbit announced by sequoia, warp/weft, 58 city investment of $200 million C round of financing.

the 58 city as one of the investor to participate in this round of financing, the financing in addition to $34 million in cash, 58 city will also invest tens of millions of dollars advertising resources and strategic cooperation. 58 city Yao Jinbo said 58 will continue to use the capital advantage of listed companies, the future will hatch and strategic investment in a variety of ways to cut to the vertical service life.

at the same time, the soil and 58 home business will rabbit depth cooperation. The future users in 58 housing platform to buy a house to rent, then can decorate the rabbit to find suitable solution to the soil, 58 home decoration can be used after the completion of domestic cleaning services, the entire service chain will be very smooth and perfect. Guo-bin wang also said, and soil rabbit after many huge financing, still keep the management team.

The rabbit CEO guo-bin wang said:

soil soil, after the completion of the rabbit C round of melt in the future are likely to smart home layout, large data + C2B model with building materials manufacturers to domestic outfit O2O chain as a whole.

data show that in 2014 the domestic residential decoration market capacity has more than 1 trillion yuan, and growing at an average annual rate of 11%, but the electricity of costume market is still in infancy, online penetration is less than 1%.

soil and rabbit decorate network was established in July 2008, first published in June, 2009, at more than 200 cities opening RACES. By designers, workers and building materials unit modular, standardization, integration, remove the intermediate links, let owner to establish direct contact with end service provider, at the same time the user some funds managed to “decorate”, open “pay satisfaction after” mode. 2011 soil at the same time the rabbit won matrix partners millions of dollars in A round of funding, warp/weft in June 2013 and additional investments. Mediating rabbit announced in February 2014, completed hundreds of millions of yuan B round of funding.

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