DDoS prevention “keeper” : protect your Nexusguard platform service operation

cloud network hunting note: DDOS attacks has increasingly become the common way of hacking sites, the more pull the more personal or web site. Nexusguard arises at the historic moment, the company specializes in processing DDOS attacks, compared with other competitors, more features and reliable. As the DDOS attack to the expansion of the mobile phones, Nexusguard also developed for ease of mobile phone software attack toolkit. The company is developing rapidly, with the opening of a branch office in the United States and Singapore.

Juniman Kasman began his career as a systems engineer. In 2005, he suffered severe work sites distributed denial of service attacks, namely the DDOS attacks.

“at that time, the attack is not common.” He recalls “we successfully reduced the DDOS attack, but the process is very hard.”

in recent years, the hackers often blackmail companies cash, otherwise we are threatening to take down their website. Kasman said he need three to six months to integration and application can be used to solve this problem, so many companies gave up, choose money by hackers.

“the law enforcement agencies for such events is weak.” He said. But nowadays DDOS is one of the most common forms of cyber attacks. Only a computer can activate the thousands of “botnets” virus. The so-called botnet virus is a virus by hackers centralized control computer send many millions of network attack to the server overload, allows hackers to control network was invaded.

Kasman, indonesians and is currently Nexusguard (royal teng technology), chief technology officer. Royal teng is founded in Hong Kong against DDOS. He said any hacker “childish” can initiate the attack because of various reasons, such as personal reasons, political reasons, or is the same as ten years ago, naked to extortion.

DDOS attacks are difficult to be detected, so this kind of problem is often not immediately looking for law enforcement. Some websites that no matter how to also won’t be able to appeal to authority. Porn sites and seed site, for example, will not be able to ask the police for help.

uptime is our greatest privilege

Kasman think Nexusguard compared with other competitors in the CloudFlare and richer characteristics, can provide more reliable solution. When the attack of the main website, it is still in the routing flow, but the URL and IP address remains the same. In contrast, CloudFlare, while using CloudFlare the IP address of the backup your own website. In general, Nexusguard has the ability to instantly reroute traffic, and don’t need to spend two hours DNS changes, such as DNS is used to store IP addresses and associated URL.

the difference is more than that. Nexusguard emphasize to reduce interference. However, other DNS converter requires the user to enter a hard to be redirected to the backup site verification code, and Nexusguard tend to prefer waiting page in five seconds. If this still doesn’t work, it will use a simple mouse movement, the last method is to use captcha.

in order to help filter out real visitors from the attacker and DDOS mitigation service set rules indicate what kind of person can access, similar to the firewall on the computer. Rules for visitors using a known browser, enabled web tracker, or from a particular site traffic and IP addresses into a piece of records. Kasman said Nexusguard compared to most other service software, provide professional service of more complex. If you feel too complicated to use; 7/24 of the company’s customer support team will be on standby.

next generation security system

Nexusguard positive protection 15000 areas now, there are thousands of registered users. Covers airlines, media websites and they pay for the software, online games, and even government departments. In addition to Hong Kong, the company has branches in the Philippines, Taiwan and the United States. Last year, the company headquarters will be moved to Los Angeles, next month will to build two branches in Singapore and London.

“the origin of the hackers scattered distribution in the country, single from the point of traffic, most of the rise in China and the United States.” Kasman said. “In China, the computer is not well repair protect, so it’s easy to become ‘botnet virus.” In the United States, the PC has a lot of population, the Internet penetration rate is very high, so the United States has become a hotbed of DDOS attacks. Indonesia, Brazil and India, a big part of DDOS accomplice, he said.

Nexusguard major contributors to the growth of the is not only technology, but also marketing model. The company is not only relies on the direct selling, and through the Internet service provider, its technology has sales. ISP to websites on the Internet to provide protection, and then with Nexusguard profit-sharing. Kasman said just because the product is labeled white, a website, not attack its URL and IP address is the same. Users may never know Nexusguard also involved. In general, Nexusguard never advertise in the verification code and wait for the page, makes every effort to make excessive to the cached version website as seamlessly as possible.

most DDOS mitigation is tailor made according to the website, but mobile phone software and other network has become the target of DDOS attacks. Users can’t even tell whether software attacks, because often don’t page error messages to remind them, can only feel the software is slow or flawed. Nexusguard specially developed a software development kit for software developers, used to prevent DDOS attacks or adjustment. Stock exchange trading and brokerage firms use network is another target, Nexusguard can prevent such attacks.

Nexusguard accepted the secrets of A and B round of investment, is now seeking C round of investment.