Daily servicing system, wutong finance dominant capital tens of millions of dollars. A round of funding

news on January 19, Internet financial services platform “wutong finance” recently announced the company completed A round of $10 m financing, investors in this round of financing is: keeping investment (JD Capital), with direct investment in securities and venture Capital letter day.

wutong banking location on the Internet banking, by non-standard financial assets pledge financing patterns provide investors with income. Non-standard financial assets, refers to the plan, including trust companies offering a collection of trust securities company or fund assets such as subsidiary issue of the aggregate asset management plan.

wutong finance do not do credit borrowing, the mining of financial assets include financial assets, real estate mortgage, pledge is strong mortgage, strong guarantee assets, such as factoring. Compared with other P2P, wutong finance shall practise a system of daily service.

wutong finance official introduction, wutong launched in 2014 at the end of June, platform online 6 months accumulated nearly 100000 registered users, online 6 months total transaction value of nearly 400 million. This round of funding will be used in risk control system, the upgrading of IT technology, product development and customer acquisition, in order to attract talented people to join.

team, phoenix tree, founder and CEO Chen Ken, Noah wealth in 2008, as chief marketing officer, cypress assets; partners, etc., in the same period as the risk control committee, managing assets of more than 30 billion yuan.

Chen Ken believe that Internet finance is a long distance, is at the heart of risk control for a long time. Internet financial will say goodbye to the savage growth, is gradually facing the industry reshuffle, risk control is rigorous, the team is the only thing good platform to grow.