Create new products, bread travel with travel service

hunting cloud network previously reported project bread trip held the evening of May 23 at third anniversary and product launches, after bread Peng Tao, founder of the travel was as hunting cloud network entrepreneurship courses of guests to share some of the dry goods. Announced at the conference, Peng Tao bread trip will create new products – free line, power travel services.

bread was founded in early 2012, travel is a travel provide personalized information and services of community platform, help the user to record and share the moments of life, has repeatedly been apple’s app store is recommended. Travel in April 2014, the bread to buy landscape international travel service, from content to share to sales experience to build commercial closed-loop, introduced “freedom” in Thailand in July schedule planning tools, content are structured, tools, and bread in December to travel for tencent C $50 million round of funding.

third anniversary trip was set up on the bread, and will continue to play the advantages of “decision engine”, the key power travel products and services, at the same time will free “bread” as the main object of the development. Bread travel advantage mainly embodied in “decision engine”, by “travel’s opinion effect”, “big data analysis suggested that”, “circle of friends interaction guide” three levels, the understanding of user needs at the same time, provide users with a reasonable solution.

open the App, users can book tickets to local attractions, travel experience project, city traffic, hotels, airline ticket and other services, save query strategy and guide the steps, and it can avoid different products in different platform to buy complex operation, implement one-stop shopping.

at present, the free bread line coverage in seven countries, by integrating the destination with the user personalized travel demand, “bread free line” to bread the travel channel resources, to provide users with relatively accurate travel plan and route, at the same time support free to buy, and many people, many information submitted a key form of product function.

bread founder travel & amp; CEO Peng Tao said, “bread Travel hope through the rich variety of Travel services to more users can achieve ‘Travel like a local,’ experience into local life’s journey. In the fierce competition in the mobile online travel market, bread travel to its understanding user individuality demand, be familiar with the advantages of mobile Internet use habits bring travel convenience for users, meet the demand of the user’s travel.”

in the conference, announced Peng Tao bread travel are experimenting with various types of cross-border cooperation and interaction. In addition, the new book “everyone’s Ithaca” will also be on multiple electricity and entity bookstore books. In 36 cities around the world at the same time launched a “city hunter” project, to provide users with more authentic personalized travel service.