Cooked letter play portable P2P lending platform, acquaintances anonymous transactions independently set interest rates

(text/Wang Saiying)

at present, the P2P network credit industry continue to hot, constantly have new influx of these entrepreneurs, various patterns appeared, emerge in endlessly, but the traditional P2P platform are either through the platform to borrow the money to strangers at the core of the model, virtually increased the risk of lenders, and the platform credit reporting process is relatively complex. Hunting cloud network focus on a network to borrow a new train of thought, based on the social financial products, cooked letter between acquaintances.

medium letter founder Ceng Jun graduated from Beijing university of science and technology, in 2009 to join Beijing jiufu era investment consulting co., LTD., has served as director of consultancy project, micro finance division chief operating officer. After leaving office Ceng Jun began to established practice letter team soon. In the field of financial work experience, let Ceng Jun obtained besides technical core competencies. When it comes to business opportunities, to hunt Ceng Jun cloud network said, because he had to work in the field of P2P so understand present situation and deficiencies of the industry, to innovate from the fundamental mode, change the pattern of lending to the Internet.

how ripe letter is on the traditional P2P model different?

1. one-way anonymous letter, two-way anonymous borrowing
Has launched version 1.0 only credit function, user registration after import the mobile phone address book, can be anonymous letter from trusted acquaintances in address book, the credit of each credit units ranging from 0 to 30000 yuan. Everyone’s credit combination is 1 million yuan. The credit does not know who to their credit, but you can know your credit number and amount. Using familiar letter between friends, of course, the more users, is the amount of credit may be higher.

soon ripe letter version 2.0 can be used in 1.0 credit on the basis of borrowing function, users after the loan application, credit to users of other users will see a message to remind, the two sides through practice the social function of independent consultation letter interest rates and borrowing details such as reimbursement deadline.

even between acquaintances, borrow money to also have a lot of embarrassment and obstacles. Lend people don’t want to seem, sorry to rush zhang and charging interest; And borrow money also don’t want to let friends know your economy is embarrassed, because in the face with acquaintances to borrow money. And cooked the one-way anonymous letter credit, two-way anonymous lending patterns properly solved the pain points, to borrow money no longer awkward between acquaintances.

2. a big data reference model
, in the traditional model of P2P platform lending credit have big data thighs, but many problems also emerged accordingly. Ceng Jun believes that “the existing P2P platform of credit guarantee under the premise of safety, limiting the loan amount, spreads, profits, and the resulting loan fees, financial management commission, collection costs, provisions, high operating costs add up. Many P2P platform model is first to attract users, users stick then consider making money, but that’s basically it’s hard to do, in addition to the big data inquiry the cost itself is very high, and other operating costs are difficult to compress, so many P2P platform is very difficult to achieve profitability. Are some edge data from the large data reference model, and covers only a part of Internet users, in addition to large data inquiry also has the problem of slow response.

and cooked the letter of credit method captures the mutual understanding between acquaintances, credit is a complex comprehensive evaluation, how a person’s credit, acquaintances are more accurate than the big data. Acquaintance with sb. Credit purchases, although is just a number, but a combination of assets, liabilities, income and expenditure, future, fame, etc. This credit mode cut down a lot of cost, can be benefit to the user, the use of this, in turn, can enhance the user viscosity.

3. social just pure borrowing tool
Plenty of social software, the App will be a hard pull on the social elements, makes some software the autodyne of artifact and the barrel of the gun. Ceng Jun said in an interview with hunting cloud network, the future cooked letter not on social drama, cooked in the above letter itself does not encourage users from, chat and social attribute of the familiar letter simply borrowing communication tool.

4. interest rate marketization, platform does not guarantee
Familiar pattern is to allow both independent consultation letter interest rates, according to the actual situation to service for the user, platform service charge 1 to 2 point, compared to common P2P platform rigid high interest rates, this mode of interest rate marketization can attract more users. For possible bad debts or breach payment phenomenon, Ceng Jun said the familiar letter platform will not guarantee for lending transactions, but will reduce customer credit rating on the platform and to co-ordinate, and publish the list of default on the platform, let the circle of acquaintances can clearly clear understanding to the specific situation. This method can achieve the certain restriction effect of bad debts, and so on and so forth.

5. default remedies
Although lending both sides of the transaction has been in a state of anonymous, but once the default situation, anonymous state will end, and will be released, there are three ways: one is notified lending both sides, the second is uploaded by lenders will receive the borrowers default address book contacts information, three is a lending hand immediately familiar letter also will receive borrowers default user information, and, in the familiar letter website enter a phone number, can also to his credit, including the default message. And in the face of “the more familiar, the cheat” doubts, bad debts, and strive to zero upfront borrowing cooked artificial confirmation letter, trading in the process of the two sides also signed by the familiar letter provided by the loan contract has the force of law.

the familiar letter received only hunting the angel rounds of capital investment, and have been million of valuations. In the future, for credit this behavior, benefit mechanism.

overall, well letter mode relative to the P2P area has a lot of innovation, but should also continue to intensive cultivation in seize the user’s needs, the platform of light patterns that don’t touch the pool while avoid the risks for the companies, but the use of the user viscosity has yet to be tested. Acquaintances credit despite obvious advantages relative to the big data credit, but the platform should be lending transactions do a review of the user to control, after all, for the user, the investment risk is smaller, the higher the utilization rate of platform.